Brain Powerd

Rating: 1½ Rampages Montage of stuff

A sci-fi drama with Mecha designs from the creator of Five Star Stories and character designs from the creator of Gundam. Basically, it seems to be some futuristic universe (or perhaps our own planet in the future). Early on, a gigantic 'plate' flies around destroying a lot of a city. A girl, Hime, and her siblings try to avoid it, and almost get killed, but suddenly, a mecha (a 'brain power'd') is born in a glow from the plate. Hime steps inside the mecha and finds she can, if not control it, at least influence its actions. She meets up with Yuu and Kanan, two other folks in mechas, who are lugging a plate back to 'Orphan.' Hime yells at them, I think, and then Hime escapes with her siblings. A year later, Yuu escapes from Orphan in a 'brain power'd.' And later...battles, people switching over to the side of good, etc.

Well, here is a great example of good people making a horrible mistake. After many years we finally get to see Yoshiyuki Tomino return to the anime world...and if this is the best he can do these days, he should have retired after Gundam. I tried to like this show, really I all know how much of a Gundam fan I am, so hearing the role call for the production team (Yoko Kanno for music, Tomino character designs and funky mecha from the five star stories team) I, like many others who saw clips, started salivating at the mention that one of our local clubs had the first four eps. Ugh. I'd heard from people that it wasn't all that great...why couldn't I have listened? Problems? Where to begin...
First off is the really weird opening sequence with lots of naked women flying around. Now, I got nothing against having a bunch of naked women flying around, but I do have a problem when it has NOTHING to do with the story at all (and I use the term story rather loosely, more on that later) sure the opening song is kinda neat, but the entire opening sequence is completely misleading - it makes you think it's a hentai or something.
Next, the animation...totally erratic. The CGI sequences are very pretty but are painfully obvious, mostly because the cel work is good sometimes - and other times it looks about as good as Legend of Crystania after a night of hard drinking. Then there's the characters, who, even after four episodes, are completely lacking in anything resembling "character." I couldn't bring myself to care about even one of them for a second, and it seems the writing team didn't care about them either as they have zero depth. "Why'd you kiss me?" "Because we haven't seen each other for a year." What!?? Make some sense gundammit!
On to the Mecha; um, a codpiece for a cockpit? Shoddy animation, and pitifully boring fight sequences, give me my Deathscythe any day over these dinky little useless piles of scrap.
As for the writing...furthering the story with monologue after monologue after monologue??? A completely convoluted story that gets explained (but not really) by the characters talking to themselves (or their mecha, who only respond with a few flashy lights), inconsistent animation...well, the music's kinda nice...and that there is the reason it gets one and a half stars instead of zero. If you are hoping for a cool mecha show with interesting characters and machines, go watch Gundam Wing, and stay the hell away from this bowl of weak horse piss.

Only available fansubbed as far as I know, and I hope it stays that way.