Rating: 3½ Rampages pics from the OVA

The city of Ayagane is in trouble. Its citizens are plagued by the threat of Bake-Neko, or "Phantom Cats". These dangerous bio-magnetic creatures can take on the form of either a cat or a human, and cannot be harmed while in humanoid form. Luckily, various groups have arisen to combat this menace. Chief among these groups is Yuka Kikushima's Kagura Security. Ever-alert and always ready for action, Kikushima-san's crack team of elite cat-fighters never back away from a challenge...just as long as they get paid. Welcome to the world of Akihiro Ito's Geobreeders. Humour, action, and hi-tech Neko-whuppin'.

Half Haunted Junction, half Nuku Nuku, Geobreeders is yet another series that taxes the brain with its silliness level and action. While it doesn't REALLY start making sense until the second episode, the story is pretty well-written overall. Taba-kun is the only sane person in Kagura, so essentially he's Haruto as a security guard. He takes all the punches, does all the work, gets no credit, and usually ends up broke (in more ways than one). The girls are also great fun; Crimson Shooting Star with her obsession with melodrama and really big guns, Yuka the kawaii little red-haired (and fanged) president who is possibly even more of a merc than Lina, seizure-prone computer whiz Takami (man this girl does not deal well with stress), Administrative assistant Eiko (who seems to have a distinct fondness for brass knuckles), Yu the chainsmoking, narcoleptic driver (who's too lazy to button up her shirt - quiet Havoc!), and Maya the ubiquitous cat girl (a very shy and sweet Bake-neko that Taba adopted). There's also a rather shady executive type who appears to be the REAL power behind Kagura, and pulls all their strings without any of them knowing (and boy does he seem to have an interesting sense of humor, not to mention a fondness for on-sen).

The premise itself isn't completely new (basically Phantom Quest Corps with evil cats instead of ghosts) but they still pull it off very well, and even the serious scenes work great. It sure seems like there should be more than this first 3-episode series, as there are a lot of questions left unanswered at the end. But what I want to know is who the hell came up with those lyrics for the ending song? 'Muucha Mambo, I want a Mango'!??! Aiya. High quality animation, good voice acting, fun and silly music, good story with wacky characters, and an ending song that rivals Dragon Half's 'My Omelette' for sheer wackiness (and infectiousness). All in all, if you're looking for some action and silliness in a small package, Geobreeders is an excellent use of 90 minutes of you're time. Highly recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: What I found refreshing about this series was that although it's the usual one-guy-with-a-whole-mess-o'-babes premise, they aren't all chasing after him! What a concept!

Only available fansubbed at the moment; scheduled to be released by Central Park Media sometime in 2000.