B't X

Rating: 1 Rampage Cover for the video

The Kikai (Machine) Empire has been hiding in the perpetual sandstorms of the Gobi Desert for centuries. When Professor Kotaro Takiyama comes too close to discovering their dark secrets they emerge to silence him. But Teppei Takiyama isn't going to allow his brother to be abducted without putting up a fight...

First Brave King GaoGaiGar, and now this...what's with these animators having a 70's revival with the character designs???? Until seeing the fansub of this at a club recently, I could have sworn this was made in the years of Mazinger Z and Voltron...it's not. It was made just a few years ago, which is depressing considering the horrible artwork. The character introductions are non-existent; we're dropped into the middle of a really weird world with no explanation...and there's a bunch of robotic bad guys (one of whom is a dorky looking cyborg named, I kid you not, Metal Face) who ride really stupid mecha living in the Gobi Desert. Any of you remember the really cheesy 80's cartoon called Bravestarr? The mecha look like the robot horse in that...really sad. The artists don't just have a really silly drawing style--they also seem to have a problem with anatomy...one eye being about an inch above the other one in a few scenes as an example. The opening and closing songs were okay, but nothing particularly noteworthy (same goes for the BGM).

As for the story...like I said, 70's revival. Evil empire (dressed even worse that the Zeon guys in the Gundam movies...possibly even worse than the badguys in Kishin Corps!) threatens humanity, so a bunch of young men in stupid outfits save the day. And a good bit of that is me speculating, since nobody bothered to explain what the hell was going on. "Oh, Teppei, you look so strong now. Where did you get that mysterious weapon?" "Oh, it can do this and this and this..." and that's as much explanation as you get. (i.e. none) I only watched one episode and I felt sick. Obviously aimed at testosterone-driven young boys who care nothing for such trifles as plot and story. Unless you fall into that category, stay away. And if you DO fall into that category, please stay away from me. ^_^

Currently only available fansubbed.