Burnup W

Rating: 2½ Rampages

Synopsis:Burnup W
Homicide division. Inside is one interesting woman who just happens to be the star of this series. Rio is her name. As part of a special police task force named WARRIOR, Rio must battles crimes of all types. Utilizing specially designed body armor and weapons, Team WARRIOR handles cases that need to be kept out of public light. WARRIOR's main adversary (unknown to them) is the Virtual Drug Syndicate. The VDS is behind most of the crimes WARRIOR is called in to stop, but they hide their intentions in the shadows of other common crimes.

This one is kind of confusing...until you read the back story on it. Originally there were only two episodes done in Japan, and they didnít fare particularly well. But ADV pushed (since it did well here in NA) and got the studio to crank out two more episodes, ending it off rather obscurely. The story is rather rushed (especially the last two eps) and the characters arenít well developed (...mentally, that is =) but at least the animation is pretty good and there is plenty of goofiness to keep things watchable. A good rental choice, but loses a great deal after the first sitting.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.

Burn Up W Series