The maniac himself


If it shoots something, he owns it. If it's a mecha of any sort, he's hoarded and upgraded it to deliver ridiculously high kill factors. And if it's a cute girl in the same vicinity as him, Carnage is not going to be happy. The Tenchi Masaki syndrome still has him being chased by hordes of high-school girls inexplicably attracted to him. The constant fighting over him by Rei and Miyu (usually leading to Carnage getting roasted in the process) doesn't help either.

The Gundam connoisseur loves his weapons, his mobile suits and his overkill. While he's finally accepted the fact that Havoc is for the most part indestructible, it doesn't mean Carnage likes it either. But he's got enough problems and panties on his hands as it is. Fortunately, his own shrunken SD clone, Chibi-Me, is always there to help out.

Now if only he could get the Zeorymer, Pesti-chan's souped-up EVA Hell Custom, and his own uber-mecha Escafanboy, to actually work for once....

Mass Destruction Title: Lord Carnage, Dragu Dork
Japanese Translation of Name: Shura
Assumed Name: Tenkawa Akito
Latin Nomenclature: Maximus Overkillus Mecha Fetishus Needsahuggus

Fav. Anime OVA series: Destructive God Of Darkness - Bastard!!! & Slayers
Fav. Anime TV series: Tenkuu No Escaflowne
Fav. Anime of all times: Shin Kudou Senki Gundam Wing (it's got my alter ego, and Mecha galore! what more do I need?)
Fav. Hentai flick: Tokio Private Police (Hentai with Mecha!), Elven Bride
Fav. Manga artist(s): Hayao Miyazaki, Shirow Masamune, Masami Yuki, Yukito Kishiro, Hiroaki Samura
Fav. Manga of all time: Blade Of The Immortal
Fav. Web Page: The Mecha Domain

Age in appearance: 16
Looks like: Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell
Sex: Male

Birthdate: Sometime in the last millennium
Zodiac: Scorpio (heh)
Blood Type: 0080 Positive
Special abilities: Piloting mecha, wielding the Zanba blade, summoning any and all Slayers attacks
Disorder(s): Mega-fetish for mechas and mass destruction, Tenchi Masaki syndrome, cannot build Escafanboy without it getting destroyed in some silly way.
Favorite Smiting techniques: Dragu Slave, Super Gundam Crushing Press (ye fanboy's anger), Flaming Odango Barrage.

Hobbies: Upgrading mecha, fondling mecha, polishing mecha with Zechs Wax and a diaper, watching Gundam. Occasionally cooking too.
Dislikes: Havoc, Mihoshi, not getting to blow something up, getting flambéed by Miyu & Rei during an argument over him

Income: Building/retrofitting/customizing and renting out mecha; contracted to Tokyo Rezoning Board

Ultimate dream of all time: To blow up *LOTS AND LOTS* of shit up. Oh, and to actually get Escafanboy to work for once

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century: Perfect Blue!!! Make the hurting stop!!!

Fav. food: anything sprinkled with a healthy dose of gunpowder for seasaoning flavour
Least Fav. food: Veggy lovers pizza
Likes to Study: Mecha, weapons, computers
Doesn't Like to Study: anything that doesn't involve mecha, weapons, explosions or something related to then

Anime character he most admires: Tie between Max Jenius (Sterling) and Lina Inverse. A kawaii teenage uber-sorceress with a short temper and a serious appetite for destruction, or a quiet, nonchalant but mildly nerdy looking pilot that could fly circles around Char Aznable in his sleep...tough call.

Anime babe he worships: Faye Valentine, Tira & Chocolate Misu, Teen-babe Hotaru.
Anime babe he fears: Mihoshi. An accident-prone girl, and his collection of large weapons of mass destrction with lots of neat little buttons just do not mix.

Dream date: joining Tira & Chocolate Misu to go on the town and make some REAL fireworks.

Quoted as saying: "BUSTER...BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!"

Most Memorable Fanboy Moment: "That time I Dragu Slaved that building...that time I Buster Beamed Chaos...that time I used the Wave Motion gun on that park...that time I Dil Branded the Tokyo Tower...that time I dropped my Super Gundam Crushing press on Chaos...that *other* time I zorched Chaos again with a Satellite Strike...that time I Dragu Slaved...."