Ayashi No Ceres

(Ceres, Celestial Legend)

the good guys of Ayashi No Ceres.

Rating: 2 Rampages

The day before her sixteenth birthday, Aya Mikage visits a fortune teller with her friends and receives an ominous fortune telling of blood, anger, suffering, and a dark destiny on the horizon. Somewhat unnerved and confused, she heads home with her twin brother Aki and their friends. In an attempt to foil a robbery on the way to their destination, Aya impulsively attacks the thief and then leaps for the purse as it flies from his hands - over the side of a bridge into a very busy street. Falling rapidly towards the road, she suddenly feels herself floating and sees strange visions that seem to lend weight to the message the fortune teller left her. Left rather dazed, she is almost hit by a truck as she stands in the middle of the road, only to be rescued by a strange red haired man who promptly disappears without even giving her a name. All of this confuses and unsettles her, but nothing prepares her for the supposed "birthday party" thrown at her grandfather's place the next day. Their entire family present, looking as though ready for a funeral, they are presented with a box containing a mummified hand...and everything suddenly goes to hell for Aya. Before the night is out, her brother is left shattered, her father is dead, and her entire family is out to kill her believing her to be the embodiment of a Tennyo (Heavenly Maiden) named Ceres who wants revenge on the Mikage family for a wrong done to her centuries ago. Tooya (the red haired rescuer) saves her once again, and even more stange people start showing up to help Aya deal with the strange destiny that has been thrust upon her. Now Aya must find a way to help her brother, stop her Family's scheming, and protect the growing love between her and a strange red haired man who keeps helping her...

okay, who didn't give Aya her coffee this morning?Review:
*sigh* I had high hopes for this, despite the fact that everyone looks like Fushigi Yuugi characters, but I really didn't find any of it particularly enthralling. The high point of the first episode for me was the part where they put the box with the mummified hand in front of her, to which Ragnarok immediately yelped "Holy shit, it's the hand of Vecna!" Much laughter ensued. In fact, the only enjoyment I got out of the first episode was from the great riffing we were all doing on the show. The melodrama alarm was going off about every five seconds, everyone not only looks but ACTS like Fushigi characters, and there was none of the excellent comedy that made Fushigi so much fun to watch. I enjoy Yuu Watase's art style, but does she only have one story with one set of characters? Even Rumiko Takahashi's charcters all have distinctive enough designs that you can tell them all apart without having to think about it, whereas nearly everyone in Ayashi no Ceres WOULD be a Fushigi Yuugi character with nothing more than a minor hair color change. Being fair, it took me a few episodes to get into Fushigi Yuugi originally, so I'll watch at least 5 more eps, but if my fears are justified (and it really looks like they are) I have very little interest in seeing the same series with a minor cosmetic makeover and no comedy. Rabid Yuu Watase fans, knock yourselves out. Everyone else, go watch Fushigi again and remember why it's fun. Not recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: I just wasn't impressed with this. It dragged on and on...I mean drama is one thing, but how many times do we need to see melodramatic shots of people's eyes and lightning flashing? Okay, we get the picture, let's get on with it! Ayashi no Ceres is right up there with Weiss Kreuz and Sukeban Deka for cheese factor. Yeah, whatsisname has a cute tummy, but he looks just like Tamahome, so big surprise there. Bleh.

Available from Viz Communication as 'Ceres, Celestial Legend'.