Gundam 0093: Char's Counterattack

Rating: 4 Rampages Want one of these for Christmas?

In the years following the defeat of the Neo Zeon (see Gundam ZZ), the AEUG is disbanded. Many of its members, notably eternal captain Bright Noah and ace pilot Amuro Rey, sign up with the Federal Forces and become the core of a special task force called "London Bell." The London Bell's mission is to suppress Neo Zeon insurgents and other anti-Federation movements - essentially the same mission as the Titans, the elite force the AEUG was created to oppose, but carried out with less brutality.
In UC 0093, the brief peace is shattered by the reappearance of Char Aznable. Son of spacenoid martyr Zeon zum Daikun, most famous Zeon ace of the One Year War, and charismatic spokesman of the AEUG, Char is loved by the spacenoids and feared by the Earth Federation. Forming his own Neo Zeon movement, Char plans to cripple the corrupt Federation and liberate the spacenoids by bombarding Earth with asteroids. With vast amounts of dust and debris cutting off sunlight, Earth will freeze, forcing humanity to complete its stalled migration to space. As the story begins, Char's fleet is just completing the first phase of his plan...

Ever notice how all these pix have floating people? Review:
The first feature length Gundam movie, it draws the fifteen year conflict between Char and Amuro to a final showdown, and damn if it isnít a real kicker. This is an absolutely fantastic film full of drama, nonstop mecha action, tragedy, and a message showing the futility of war. The new characters are nice and deep, the old ones are expanded upon slightly, and the art is fantastic. Like most Gundam stories, you need to have the back story to fully enjoy this one. If you DO have the back story, I can all but guarantee you will be blown away by this animated masterpiece.

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