CLAMP Campus Detectives

(Clamp School)

Rating: 2 Rampages Call your dentist...right now.

Almost a parody on the name of the group that created it, CSD is tale of three schoolboys who form a detective agency, specializing in damsels-in-distress. Based on CLAMP's manga of the same name, the series takes place at the prestigious school called, quite originally, the CLAMP School. Housing students from as early as pre-school all the way up to university level, the school is located just outside Tokyo (and has other CLAMP characters in attendance. Crossovers are something of a CLAMP trademark). The leader of this investigative trio is sixth grader Imonoyama Nokoru, a wispy-haired blond who is also president of the elementary student body. Highly intelligent (NASA once tried to recruit him) and obviously the brains of the outfit, Nokoru epitomizes what a gentleman should be and sets a pristine example for his two cohorts. Fifth grader Takamura Suoh, an accomplished martial-artist, is the serious side to the CLAMP School Detectives and keeps the others from getting too out of line. And finally, fourth grader Ijyuin Akira (formerly from CLAMP's manga story, 20-MENSOU NI ONEGAI!) is definitely the light-hearted member; he is a renowned chef (Akira teaches cooking classes to housewives) and is always chipper in even the darkest of moments.

Aiya. I hope you people appreciate this...I first watched two episodes of this horrifically diabetic-seizure inducing show, in the hopes that it wasnít quite as bad as some people had said...then I continued to watch...then I fumbled for the controller...then I fumbled for something to use to smash the TV to prevent the horror from sucking my brain out completely. You all know Iím not the biggest fan of CLAMP fare, but GODDESS! This was just horrid. When I first saw trailers for the series, I thought the main characters were girls (still do =). The whole premise of this series is just too insipid for words. Are we seriously expected to believe that this snotty little fifth-grader could run a school or even deduce his way around a paper cup? Way too cute for anyone over the age of ten, and too confusing for anyone UNDER the age of ten. If you like Hime-chan no Ribbon and Nurse Angel Ririka, you might like this...but donít count on it. Bring a toothbrush, and make sure your dentist is free.

Herself the Elf sez: I couldn't stomach this show either, but I *do* have to give it credit for nice art and a really really catchy theme song. ^_^

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Clamp Campus Detectives