End Of Summer

(aka Dokyusei, Classmates)

Rating: 4 Rampages

End of Summer 1 & 2 tell the tale of young Wataru, and his quest to "make a beautiful summer memory" with Mai, the girl of his dreams. The course of true love seldom runs smooth, however, and, cast like mines in Wataru's path are four other young women: juvenile and infatuated Miho, tomboyish athlete Misa, Kurumi, the somewhat naive girlfriend of Wataru's best friend Kazuya, and caustic Satomi, who works in the restaurant where Wataru hangs out and whose personal life becomes hopelessly intertwinded with Wataru's. Employing state of the art animation to present true to life situations in a frank and sensual manner seldom explored in even the most daring of live action films, End of Summer boasts a level of detail rarely seen in animation, and sets a new standard in the rendering of animated erotica.

This film technically falls into the category of hentai, but Iíd call it human drama instead. Incredible story, not just for a hentai film, but for ANY anime. Very human, and very touching, this is most definitely a welcomed addition to the adult otakuís collection.

Available subtitled through SoftCel Pictures.