Cue the insanity!

Rating: 1st Episode - 3½ Rampages 2nd Episode - 2 Rampages

When a world of 2-D beings discovers the existence of our universe, they send a team of beautiful Domni-Matrixes into our world to prepare it for total integration. However, once liberated from their flat and dreary 2-D existence, Compiler and Assembler quickly discovered that cybersex with a couple of 3-D guys is a lot more fun than world conquest. Now, in between interfacing with their boyfriends, Assembler and Compiler must protect the Earth from being deleted by their former masters and an army of killer programs. Prepare to be deleted!

As you can see from the rating, this show is a little inconsistent. The first episode rather comically introduces us to Compiler, Assembler and their two would-be boyfriends; young and innocent Toshi, and Nachi the total playboy. We get some background (briefly) with a pair of male programs who were sent after Assembler and Compiler four times...and who failed all four times. To make them more capable, they are 'updated' to make themselves better suited to dealing with our dynamic duo. This transformation arrives in the place of a sex change for both of them! They seem serious when they first arrive, but as soon as they set their programs to 'Osaka dialect' they become incredibly silly. They track down Compiler and Assembler, and a really silly battle ensues involving animated popular landmarks of Osaka, a 50 ft Colonel Sanders, and the dumbest looking statue you have ever seen (Yes, you can indeed find it in the city. Guess Japanese architects have differing esthetic tastes than us).

While the first episode is hilarious and totally madcap, the second plays out like a mediocre shoujo story; The silly badguys/girls don't even show up in this episode, and all Compiler does is mope and get pissed off at Nachi for being such a womanizer. In fact, the differences are so glaring that it doesn't even feel like it's the same show at all; Nachi is way more of a womanizing ass than in the first ep, Toshi and Assembler are getting on much better than before, and the enemies aren't even so much as mentioned.

The art is pretty nice for 1994, but Kia Asamiya's art designs were still in need of some change at the time, so it all looks like Silent Mobius (I kept wanting to call Compiler Kiddy Phenil). The music is also nothing spectacular and the setup is hardly new, but the action and comedy were so fantastic in the first ep it was a load of fun regardless. Since I've seen previews of the other episodes and they have plenty of silly antics being showcased, I'm still optimistic about this show despite the second ep's being boring as hell. If it keeps up the energy of the first one, this one is a real winner and worth owning...but not for the ADV price. =)

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