Coo: It Came From The Sea

Rating: 4 Rampages

A boy and his plesiosaurSynopsis:
On a small Hawaiian island, a storm strikes up and a strange prehistoric-like creature is battered against the sharp rocks. Before it is killed however, it gives birth, and the tiny child floats be found by a boy and his marine biologist father. When they realize what has landed in their lap, they see that others want the strange and seemingly impossible creature named "coo", and are willing to kill to get him. Teamed up with a member of an environmentalist group, they soon see that they must not only protect themselves, but find a way of getting Coo back to his home and his own kind...wherever that may be.

This is a really great movie. The animation is beautiful, subtle and effective. The characters are well written, and like Totoro, itís a family film that doesnít talk down to you. Perfect music for the setting, touching, if old story, and great animation make it a superb rental...if you can find it =) if you canít, bug your local club heads for it, as itís worth the trouble.

Currently only available fansubbed.