Rating: 1½ Rampages Oh, I just love the taste of gloves in the morning

Some things naturally come in pairs and two of the hottest erotic animated shorts ever can be found in Countdown, a hot and heavy new animated film from the producers of Rei Rei, End of Summer and Angel of Darkness. Based on the famous adult manga now being published in North America by EROS Comix, Countdown brings animated life to two of the series' most popular episodes: In "Alimony Hunter", an encounter on the subway leads to an extremely unusual three-for-all in which not everyone is what they appear to be, but in which all concerned get what is coming to them in the end! In "Seek", a heroic macho-adventurer in chainmail learns the joys of submission when he rescues a lovely young lady with a knack for subduing knavish knights!
Countdown continues with volume two, containing two more erotic shorts based on the hit manga from Eros Comics. In part one, a young bride-to-be has a last minute fling... with another woman! In part two a Samurai Policewoman and her perverted giant robot must take on a giant walking statue controlled by a sex-crazed megalomaniac! - Contains Adult Situations, Graphic Sex and Nudity.

Saying that this one contains adult situations is like calling a tactical nuke "an explosive". This is about as graphic as they come and the stories, obviously, have very little depth. If you want an hour of non-tentacle sex scenes (why else would you watch hentai?), then this is for you.

Available subtitled through SoftCel Pictures.