Crown Knights

(aka Wild Cardz)

Rating: 2 Rampages

cover for the DVD Synopsis:
From the directors of CUTEY HONEY and CAT GIRL NUKU NUKU! Here come the Crown Knights: Sunday Spades the poker-faced leader and possessor of the mysterious trump power! Jo Diamonds who can run at the speed of light! Casa Clubs combat expert who possesses hyper-senses! Coco Hearts the tricky master of psycho-magic! Together, these cute, card-carrying champions are dealing a world of hurt to the criminals who threaten the tranquil Card Kingdom. But can they checkmate two, invading war machines shaped like gigantic chess pieces before the kingdom topples like a house of cards?

O_o um, what the hell was that? Sure the cinematic technique of in media res (dropping the viewer into the middle of the story in progress) is a nice effect, and looks great when done properly...but there are limits! In the opening moments of Crown Knights, we are dropped right into the middle of a high speed fight sequence, and are given no character introductions (aside from the names of the main characters), no real explanation of who's fighting who for what reasons, what any of this has to do with the story, and what said story might be about anyways. And as if this wasn't bad enough, things get more and more nonsensical as the show goes on. The whole show just happily bounds across the screen, makes no sense, and then it's over. It's like watching a giant squid suddenly fly by your's there and gone in a split second, but you're still left wondering "what the *krunk* was THAT?!" At only 50 minutes long, Crown Knights is yet another one-shot faliure..and deservedly so this time. The animation is very mediocre, as are the music and sounds of the show. While the main characters are suitably kawaii, I just couldn't feel any sort of connection with them whatsoever, not surprising considering how little we end up learning about them. a little potential tehre, but none of it gets used during the course of this show. When all is said and done, Crown Knights is quite simply a totally pointless show. Don't bother wasting your money on this.

Available subbed or dubbed through US. Manga Corps.