Legend of Crystania

Rating: 2 Rampages

the cast of Crystania Synopsis:
Set in the aftermath of the Lodoss Wars! When the fleet carrying the exiled Ashram, Pirotesse and their followers runs aground on the accursed shores of the Beast Island of Crystania, Ashram is possessed by the Dark God, Barbus. Pirotesse escapes, but it is three hundred years before she can find a group of adventurers daring enough to enter the land of the were-beasts. Only when a new group of humans arrives in Crystania does Pirotesse find her champions. Now, a new quest is born: to recover the lost "Fangs of the Beast" and banish the dark god back to the oblivion from which he came.
In the sacred world of Crystania, amidst a civil war waged by shape-changing warriors, she searches for her beloved Ashram. She meets Redon, a young prince obsessed with avenging his murdered parents. Together, they confront Ashram's captor -- the bloodthirsty Barbas, who aspires to rule Crystania as "The God's King". Will they free Ashram's soul . . . or will Redon's innocence become the next sacrifice to Barbas' emerging power?

Man, this was hugely disappointing. When I first heard about it I was really excited to see this continuation of the Lodoss world...and if that is how you are entering into this anime you are in for a BIG let down. The story bounces around all over the place, and the plot is pathetically thin. Why the hell would Pirotesse wait 300 years to try and save Ashram? Why not? *sigh* the animation is inconsistent; sometimes it is great, sometimes it looks like a bunch of high school art students drew it in their spare time. The music is uninspiring, the acting quite simply ISNíT, and characters are just tossed in at random, with little or no explanation as to what the hell theyíre doing there. Motives are almost never explained, Redon is an erratic freak, bawling his eyes out one instant and hacking his way through a pack of lizard men the next. As for the ending...make it stop. Just KILL HIM already. A monumental disappointment, especially considering it's by the same people who made Record of Lodoss War. I suppose itís worth renting (ONCE), but at $30 a copy, it is NOT under any circumstances worth buying. Not recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: The extremely simplistic and choppy animation, coupled with a convoluted and often dragging plot, left me so bored I had to stop halfway through and watch the rest later. It's not intolerable, it just sure ain't Lodoss. Pirotesse looks more like a tanned Valley Girl elf than a Dark Elf, and there's pretty much nothing Lodoss-like about the whole thing; I'd put it more on the level of Heroic Legend of Arislan but without the pretty art and nice music.

Available subtitled or dubbed from ADVision.