The Fanboys are back in town.
Be afraid. Be very VERY afraid.

Mayhem: [Riff Raff impersonation] "With a bit of a mindflick."
Havoc: [Magenta impersonation] "You're into the fanfic!"
Mayhem: "And nothing can ever be the same."
Both: [singing!] "Let's do the Fanboys again!"
Chaos: "Will you knock it off?! This is not the Rocky Horror Fanboys Show!!"
Havoc: "Aw, but you make such a cute Dr. Frank N. Fanboy, Chaos!"
Pesti: "I'll say."
Chaos: o.O "Et tu, Pesti-chan? Et tu?"
Anarchy: "I'm just impressed you've managed to last this long into the series, Chaos. I figured you'd be fatally smited by the second Omakefic."
Mayhem: [consulting new fanfic line-up] " just might get your wish granted, Anarchy. According to this we not only get another fanboy introduced to the cast, but it features the return of the crazed killer who knows what we did last fanfic."
Chaos: [eyebrow twitch!] "Oh...goodie."
Havoc: "Hotcha! In celebration of our sixth fanfic, jello for everybody!!"
Chaos: [groan!] "This looks like it'll be our biggest fiasco yet."
Mayhem: [still perusing the line-up] "You have no idea, Chaos. This fanfic will also feature Pesti-chan dating Makoto."
Pesti: [nosebleed!] "M-M-Mako-chan? I get to Mako-chan?"
Chaos: "*WHOSE* Mako-chan?! Oh, this is just great! So then just what happens to me?"
Hotaru: "Chaos-chan Chaos-chan!"
[Hotaru clings to Chaos' arm!]
Chaos: o.O "Oh no...anything but this."
Haruka: [with Space Sword! Kowai!] "Chaos, c'mere!!"
Anarchy: "You know, this next season's already looking up."
Havoc: "Would you like a last meal, Chaos? I've got plenty of leftover jello from the moviefic!"
[Chaos punts Havoc out of the obligatory intro. bit!]
Chaos: "Hentai!"
Havoc: "That's Hentenno-sama!"
Pesti: "Cue the newest season of Fanboys: FBZ Fanboys Z!!!"


Part I: Gunsmith Carnage

Welcome back, faithful Fanboys! followers. And if you're here then that means you either managed to survive the demented horrors of the Oscar: Resurrection moviefic...or else had the presence of mind to skip it completely. If you did, then just whatever you do, *don't* ask about the origins of any and all Jello jokes you come across. Trust us on this one, people!
Ah, but the author rants!
And he'll continue to rant until one of his assistants actually manages to find the script for F6! part I. Yes, this is the beginning of the second "season" of Fanboys! fanfics, namely the FBZ Fanboys! series.
Onwards then to the opening of our fanfic!
The phone rang: RIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!

[Fanboys' Note: yes, just to confirm that the phone did indeed ring and not me just playing with your minds, we decided to add that funky little sound effect into the script. Kawaii, ne?]

After its first ring, a yawing Chaos in female Haley form rolled out of his...her bed and onto the floor--which was rather painful since the fanfics had no more budget to hire stunt doubles for such a task. But getting back to the plot (if you would call it that), the weary fanboy crawled back onto his bed and stared at the ringing private phone on his bedside table.
Groggily Chaos picked up the receiver. "Moshi moshi, his lordship Chaos speaking. Whoever you are, you'd better have a good reason for waking me up at--"
Chaos consulted his newly purchased clock. "--at two thirty in the afternoon on a Sunday. I was having this cool vision of Escaflowne, and--"
"Chaos, you're ranting again," the mysterious caller cut in. "And I just hate it when you rant like that."
"Oh, gomen nasai," Chaos replied, stifling another yawn. Seconds later his eyes ballooned out in surprise. "Hey, wait a minute! How do you know my name?!"
Now perhaps it just didn't occur to Chaos that unless it was a wrong phone number and case of mistaken identity, the person calling his private phone line just might have actually known who it was they were calling.
The caller on the other line laughed. "Let's just say we share the same love of Sailor Moon. I have worked hard to make it sacred, and you, on the other hand, have not."
Chaos: [sigh!] "This isn't another SPCAM protest is it?"
Caller: "Hardly, Chaos. What's your favourite scary Anime?"
Chaos: "Charon, if this is you, then you really need to learn Mayhem's private phone number, okay? And I did not appreciate that Boomstick incident of yours last week."
Caller: "That would be fine...except I'm not Lord Charon."
[Chaos swats at the large question mark appearing over his head.]
Chaos: "Na ni? Who is this? "Caller: "You tell me."
Chaos: [Bambi-eyed!] "Mako-chan?! Is it really you? At last you've finally called me to ask me out on a date! Oh, how I have dreamed of this day!!"
Caller: "What the...?! No, you moron, I am not Kino Makoto!"
Chaos: [sad Bambi eyes!] "You're not my Mako-chan?"
Caller: "No."
Chaos: "You're sure you're not my Mako-chan?"
Caller: "I'm not her. But you should know me anyways. After all, I'm--!"
Chaos: "Bai bai!"
Chaos rolled his eyes as he hung up the phone, and rolled back over to sleep. And he would have slept quite soundly too if he hadn't noticed that he had snuggled right up to something small, soft, kawaii and with a really big mouth that began to chew on his arm.
"CHU CHU!" Rampage happily squeaked.


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