Anyhoo, getting back to Chaos & Co., with Carnage neatly out of the scene for a while the foursome were led by Mayhem to a restaurant just on the edge of the park.
"What is this place?" Hotaru asked, wide-eyed at the enormous Fanelian Guymelef acting as the doorman.
"Tempura No...Escaflowne?" Ami-chan said, reading the sign. She gave Mayhem a curious glance.
Mayhem shrugged. "Thanks to Carnage's collateral damage in the first part of the fanfic, this was the only place we could afford."
Chaos sighed. "I can only hope Carnage doesn't make off with a Dragon Slayer when he realizes it's the head chef here."
"I'm sure it'll be a great place, Chaos-chan," Hotaru said, warmly clinging to Chaos' arm.
"Smoking or non?" Allan Shezar, the maitre d' asked as they entered.
Everyone turned towards Mayhem. "What?" the combustible campus fanboy protested.
"There's an opening in our special karaoke room," Allan said, leading them through the establishment. "It houses some of the most advanced state of the art technology from Zaibach for all your singing desires. Would you like to have your dinner in there?"
Everyone considered it, poking their heads into the room only to be presented with the sight of an utterly bombed Anarchy and Tasuki belting out Mystic Eyes while flinging sake and patrons all over the room. Not even Folken could keep control.
Anarchy & Tasuki: "Everybody!! Yakesou na kimi no Mystic Eyes!"
Chaos, Mayhem, Ami & Hotaru: "Pass."
Sitting down at the table furthest away from the karaoke room, the foursome ordered large bento boxes of assorted sushi. And it wasn't long before Van Fanel appeared toting ther orders.
Van bowed to them after setting down their meals. "I hope you enjoy them," he said cordially. The prince of Fanelia uneasily glanced over his shoulder upon seeing Merle crouched on another table.
"Merle, daijobu?"
"Yummie! Van-sama's soooo tasty!" Merle exclaimed, a coy cat grin appearing on her face as she pounced.
"Merle, what are you doing?!" Van exclaimed, his wings appearing and flapping wildly about as feathers flew all across the restaurant. "Tasukete! Allan, do something!!!"
"Van-sama!" Merle exclaimed, nibbling on his arm.
Chaos' eyebrow twitched as he watched Van flee into the karaoke room, Van's screams abruptly intensifying as Anarchy was heard to shout:
Anarchy: "Van, baby! Join us on the chorus! Yakesuo no--Come on, everybody sing!--kimi no Mystic Eyes!"
Van: "KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"
"Well," Mayhem remarked, setting aside his umbrella as the storm of feathers settled down. "Can't say I didn't see that one coming."
Hotaru looked down at her sushi. "Ah! This looks delicious!"
Chaos played around with a ball of green paste on the corner of his plate. "Cool! I wonder what this is? Whatever it is, this looks good!" And without further ado (or adon't; your preference of course) Chaos spread the greenish substance across his sushi. He immediately went to work with his ohashi, the Japanese chopsticks grabbing hold and stacking half a dozen of the sauce-covered seafood before he jammed them all into his mouth.
Hotaru stared wide-eyed at him. "Sugoi!"
"Ano, Chaos," Ami-chan spoke up. "That's extremely spicy wasabi mustard."
" it?" Chaos asked, his one eye ballooning out and twitching as his face turned the shade of an uncooked lobster and smoke wafted out from his ears. He discreetly slipped out from his chair. "Would you excuse me for a moment, Hotaru?" he inquired politely.
Unsure if he was really alright, Hotaru nodded.
Chaos flashed a nonchalant smile at Mayhem, turned around...and launching into frantic SD form made a desperate run for the bathrooms as a fireball erupted from his mouth. "KYAAAAAAA!!!!! HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!"
Mayhem sighed. "Yare yare. Hotaru, just why did you want to go on a date with an hyperactive otaku like him anyways?"
Hotaru picked at her sushi, her pale cheeks starting to get flushed once more. "Ano, I know he's emotionally volatile from time to time...most of the time...all the time. But there's something else about him; when you look into his eyes you can see he's a really gentle person."
Mayhem and Ami-chan glanced up as a still fire-spewing SD Chaos burst out from the bathroom, racing into the kitchen and dunking his head into the sink. Vargus the assistant chef was not exactly thrilled, and voiced his opinion on that as he chased after Chaos with his enormous sword.
Ami-chan sighed, shaking her head. "We trust you, Hotaru-chan. I just hope you can trust him."
Hotaru smiled. "I know he'll protect me if anything happens. Chaos-chan has a lot of potential; he just hasn't realized it."
"Not that the author has exactly been helping him in that department," Mayhem dryly remarked.
Finally Chaos managed to calm down and get back to eating their special bento boxes of sushi. And after oh so eloquently stating how Beans was unworthy to be the keeper of the lake god, Chaos wound up combating a stray piece of octopus on his plate that stole one of his ohashi and proceeded to have a fencing duel.
Hotaru was delighted. Chaos was less than impressed when he lost to the piece of octopus. And had he not been hosing himself off with a fire extinguisher thanks to another [ahem!] "playful" under the table discovery session from the fair Ami-chan, Mayhem probably would have just sighed.
Then who should appear but Carnage, walking into the restaurant and taking a seat at their table. "Well, I checked out the entire area and didn't find a thing," he stated, helping himself to Chaos' bowl of steamed rice. "You must have booted Havoc clear across town Chaos; pity the poor bastard whose door he landed at. And that crazed killer's not around either, for that matter. He's hiding somewhere though."
Chaos grimaced. "Great; that's just what we need now."
Mayhem nodded. "Hai hai. I don't want Ami-chan or Hotaru to get caught up in this."
"Get caught up in what?" Hotaru asked.
Chaos sprouted his kawaii kitty ears as he tried to cover up the fact that the fanboys were being stalked by the one true crazed killer who still knows what they did last fanfic. "Um...."
Carnage glanced around the restaurant. "Strange. I haven't seen Dilandou here yet."
"With any luck he's back in prison, plotting Con Anime 2," Mayhem sighed. "We're just fortunate that you weren't there to Dragu Slave the airplane, Carnage, and...and just what exactly are you doing?"
Everyone paused, sweatdrops appearing next to their heads as they glanced over at Carnage, who was busy sculpting a completely detailed, action poseing 3-D Gundam Nataku with his steamed rice.
"Akito-san?" Ami asked in a concerned voice.
"This means something," Carange said, totally absorbed in his work. "This is important."
"Carnage," Mayhem said. "Seek help. Professional help, preferably."
"I don't need a mechanic!" Carange exclaimed. Suddenly his stomach warbled. "Shimatta! All this talk about mecha has left me hungry!"
Chaos & Mayhem facevaulted into the table.
"How about I cook up something for you all?" Carnage offered, standing up and marching towards the kitchen.
"But we just ate!" Chaos protested. He gave a sincere smile as Carnage tapped him on the forehead with the Zanba sword. "On the other hand, my digestive system works really fast!"
"Gome ne, but only the cooks are allowed back here," Allan said as Carnage headed for the kitchen.
"I'm just going to make something for my friends over there," Carnage replied, motioning to the others. "I'm sure you can understand."
"But Sir, you're not allowed to--!"
"I insist," Carnage said darkly, tapping the now SD Allan on the forehead with his Zanba. And with that he disappeared into the kitchen. Chaos' eyes narrowed, and the second Carnage was out of sight he slowly got up from his chair and started to move for the door.
Hotaru looked around, confused. "Chaos-chan?"
"Hotaru, don't ask questions," Mayhem answered, hand in hand with Ami as they joined Chaos. "Just slowly back out of the restaurant as if nothing's wrong."
Mayhem glanced over at another restaurant patron, and mouthed the word "Boom!" to them.Carnage: [from inside the kitchen!] "Come on cook! Cook faster! You call this Dragon Slayer Guymelef effective?! It can't even morph its liquid metal claws into a decent wok!!"
Chaos and Mayhem looked at each other, sweatdrops appearing next to their heads. "Uh-oh."
Ami: "Hotaru-chan?"
Hotaru: "Hai."
Chaos, Mayhem & Ami: "Run."
Carnage: "Argh! Useless! All useless!! FLAMING ODANGO BARRAGE!!!"
And in typical "run away!" fashion, that was the signal for our fanboys to panic, launching into SD mode and scrambling out the front doors of the restaurant as an explosive shower of flaming odangos smashed their way through the ceiling. But lucky for the patrons still trapped inside and lucky for our lawyers, moments before the Tempura No Escaflowne exploded, Hitome's pendant reacted and mystically transported everyone there to Gaea. And there was much rejoicing.All "Yea."
Chaos shrieked as the explosive bursts from the flaming odangos lifted him and Hotaru high into the air. "Chaos!" Hotaru exclaimed in a frightened voice, desperately clinging to him.
"What?! No stunt doubles?!" Chaos protested, flailing about.
Mayhem shrugged. "We couldn't afford them thanks to Carnage!"
"Chaos, aim for the fountain!" Ami-chan shouted after them.
Chaos saw the fountain approaching. "Shimatta!" he exclaimed, flipping around so that now he was between Hotaru and the water fountain. "Where's Havoc and his panty parachute when you need it?!"
Seconds later an enormous tidal wave rose up from the waters of the fountain as Chaos impacted. The surge died down, revealing a stunned Hotaru sitting just over the water, only her feet being wet. "Chaos-chan?" she asked, glancing down to the fanboy she was still sitting on.
Suddenly Chaos erupted from the water, flailing about in frantic SD mode. "KYAAA!!! COLD WATER COLD WATER COLD WATER!!!!" He paused in his ranting as he heard Hotaru giggling.
Standing on the rim of the fountain, she smiled and tapped him on the nose. "I just found another good thing about you, Chaos-chan," she said.
Chaos turned to Mayhem and Ami-chan. "Did I miss something?"
"Maybe your brain," Mayhem replied. "Check to see if it's floating around in the water somewhere."
"Hush, Newt-boy!"

* * *

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