D4 Princess

Rating: 3 Rampages

The cast Synopsis:
The episodes while short (each one a mere 9+ minutes, including opening/ending/coming attractions) are jammed with the comical misadventures of Doris Ruridoh, a 13 year old rich girl with the ability to transform into a super heroine, who attends an all girl school. She also finds it hard to gain the respect of her classmates given her rather "unusual" super-costume.

9 Minutes per episode is fine for something crazy and silly like Adventures of Mini-Goddess, but try telling a continuing story with 9-minute episodes and you end up annoying the hell out of the audience. Plus when you take out the opening and closing credits, and the trailer for the next episode, you get only about 6 minutes of actual show. This could be forgivable if those 6 minutes had some real fun going on in them, but they don't. We don't get any really good explanation of what the hell a Panzer is (aside from the seizure inducing high speed signs in the opening credits), but you get the idea after seeing a bunch of little girls in really silly looking armor smashing stuff. While it's funny to see everybody rag on little Doris over how lame her Panzer outfit is (and it really is dorky looking) there just isn't anything else going for this show. The characters are flat, the music is very grating (crappy synth music over and over) and the writers try too hard with old conventions to make us laugh at Doris and her silly antics. After seeing 500,000 ditzy female leads in anime trying to make us laugh, I'm really hating that cliche. Then there is the painfully awful closing credits. While the song may be really dumb, it does have a tendency of sticking in your head for some time. The really awful part about it is the animation as all it consists of is Doris dancing dorkily back and forth, looking even more two dimensional than usual.

I can't say I hate this anime, but the only feeling it left me with after twelve episodes was a great big "blah." Spectacularly un-spectacular, I can't recommend this show to anyone other than those few people who find the moronic antics of a ditzy magical-girl heroine still amusing after all this time. Everyone else, walk away.

Herself the Elf sez: Another painful thing about this show is the plethora of stupid puns...for example, the heroine's name. Japanese people pronounce 'drill' as 'do-ri-ru'. The heroine is called Dorisu ('drill' with one letter changed) Rurido ('drill' backwards). Aiya...

Currently only available fansubbed.