Dangaioh team


Rating: 2 Rampages

A group of 4 young people with various ESPer abilities are told that they are the new weapon created by Professor Tarson. In reality, they were all kidnapped and their memories erased. Together, they can control a new superweapon/robot: Dangaioh. This is the story of how each discovers his/her past while being pursued by the "Bunker"...a space-based criminal conglomerate. A typical giant-robot story with unusual characters.

Yet another example of "cool mech, shitty story" syndrome. The characters are pretty uninteresting, the story really doesnít go anywhere, and the ending (if thatís what itís supposed to be called) is just plain confusing. Would probably have been better if it were drawn out a bit more, but as it stands itís a waste of time.

Available subbed or dubbed through Manga Entertainment.