Twilight of the Dark Master

Rating: 3½ Rampages Our bishounen anti-hero

From the beginning of time, Earth has been enslaved by the powerful and grotesque Demons. The dominance these arrogant immortals hold over their helpless victims is challenged only by the noble Guardians. Eons later, in the year 2089, few Demons or Guardians remain in Neo-Shinjuku. Humans rule the Earth; yet, deep within the dark underworld of the city, the supreme Demon is still alive and is preparing, once again, to enslave the Human race.

The evil freaky twins Review:
Once again, we have another elegant offering from the makers of Ninja Scroll and Biohunter. Whoever these folks are, they are the undisputed kings of one-shot stories. Biohunter still remains one of my favourite Anime-horror films (possibly even one of my favourite anime films, but I digress) and now I guess it's time to add another to the list. Twilight of the Dark Master has everything that Biohunter had: Short but captivating story that takes off quickly and keeps moving, gorgeous artwork and fantastically animated fights, and a soundtrack that complements the visuals perfectly. As for the characters, Tsunami the dark, black-trenchcoat-wearing hero is played expertly by the indomitable Seki Toshihiko. Though we could do without the lipstick, Tsunami is an excellently performed Dark Horse. While the other cast members aren't as memorable as he, they do a superb job of the parts they are given. The villains may be a tad cliche (the evil twins in particular) but with everything moving so quickly, it's a forgivable cliche. Twilight of the Dark Master is a great example of how to tell a mildly interesting story very well in a short time. Fans of horror flicks, or the more sophisticated areas of shonen, will certainly enjoy this film, and even if you're not a big fan of horror anime I'd suggest giving this one a try. It might just change your mind.

Available subtitled through Urban Vision.