Night Warriors

(Darkstalkers' Revenge)

Rating: 3 Rampages Morrigan and Dimitri: my, what big hands you have!

Long ago, vampire Dimitri Maximoff was exiled from the demon world and set up a literal dark age on Earth, stealing the sun and trapping the planet in eternal night. Now, 100 years later, the Darkstalkers have gathered to fight for victory...for revenge...and for their very undead lives!
The beautiful Morrigan, a succubus queen, tries to stop Dimitri's evil ambition. Meanwhile, catwoman Felicia and zombie Lord Raptor must defend themselves against hunters sworn to stop all the Darkstalkers-both the good and the evil! The strongest hunter of all is Donavon Baine, who travels with a dark secret...and a mysterious companion.

Move your arm! Hotcha! Review:
Once again, Iím proven wrong. I expected this, like most anime based off of fighting video games, to blow serious giblets. It didnít. My only gripe is the rather outlandish character art (bandages that adhere to your flesh look just a little bizarre) but that aside I was genuinely impressed by this series. The story isnít groundbreaking, but it is interesting enough for the material. The animation is well done and the fight scenes are fantastically fluid and use all the original moves from the games (for all you Darkstalkers fans). The music is pretty cool, but nothing great. Not for everyone, but if you like Shonen anime, and Street Fighter II V in particular (same character designers) you are guaranteed a fun few hours of animation in Night Warriors.

Available subbed or dubbed through Viz Communications.

Vampire Hunters - Darkstalkers' Revenge