Demon City Shinjuku

Rating: 3 Rampages
Demon City

Levih Rah had made a pact with the demon world, giving him nearly unlimited destructive power. Using this power, Levih Rah destroyed and took over the Tokyo district Shinjuku, transforming it into a pit of demons, evil, and crime. Ten years later, he kidnaps an important international dignitary (don't ask me why), and his daughter Sayaka enlists the help of a young man named Kyoya, who's father was killed by Levih Rah while trying to stop him from taking Shinjuku. Like his father, Kyoya is a student of ninpo, the deadly art of making wooden swords glow blue and the only power that can destroy Levih Rah. Together, Sayaka and Kyoya venture into the Demon City, hoping to destroy Levih Rah before he completes his ten-year plan to destroy the world.

Yet another super cool anime from the makers of Ninja Scroll and Wicked City, this one was their first. Lush art, nasty villains, cool heroes (well, except for the girl...she needs to go) and some nice music make for a winning combo. Plot is a little simplistic, but overall, very nice.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.