Detatoko Princess

(Suddenly Princess)

Rating: 3 Rampages

Cover for the LD Synopsis:
It is a comic-fantasy about Princess Lapis of the Kingdom of Sorcerland. The kingdom is ruled by a kind family of elven mages, so of course, bad things almost never happen there.
The Queen has sent her daughter Lapis through the magic mirror to Silver Lake as a two day hike back to the castle will help her grow up (though she has very powerful neutralizing magic, she tends to use it rather recklessly). However as the King points out Silver Lake is just a nick name for the local lake - it's going to take a somewhat longer than two days from the lake she ends up in. Meanwhile Miss Topaz "the most powerful and beautiful sorceress in the world" sees an opportunity in the princess being off by herself. You see, Miss Topaz collects pretty girls, and she will not rest until Lapis has become a part of her collection.

Oi. Yet another comedic series that's just plain weird, and doesn't care about silly things like plot. The big difference between Detatoko Princess and other such shows like Yuna and Fairy Princess Ren is the fact that it is weird, but far too cute and sugary to be as funny. Well, that and pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Obviously one of the writers really loves puddings because so does fact she consumes no less than a couple hundred puddings throughout the course of the three episodes (apparently the word Princess sounds a lot like pudding-cess when the japanese people say it, so it's actually a really bad pun). when she finds a grove where all the fruits contain puddings inside, we're told that this is due to an enchantment cast on the grove by a wandering pudding...okay.

The animation is only slightly better than typical TV quality, and the music wasn't particularly noteworthy. The voice-acting was pretty well done, and there were quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, but unfortunately there were a bunch of rather cute/impossibly weird sequences that broke the pace and kept it from a higher rating. This is a show that will leave most otaku, casual or die-hard, twitching in utter confusion...but those of you who can turn your minds off completely for 90 minutes will probably enjoy this. And really, that's the only way to watch Detatoko Princess...don't think. All you'll end up with are horribly freaky nightmares.

Available subtitled from AnimeWorks.