Devil Hunter Yohko

(aka Mamono Hunter Yohko)

Rating: 3½ Rampages Yohko & Azusa

Yohko is an ordinary schoolgirl who is infatuated with one of her attractive male schoolmates. What she doesn't know is that she comes from a family of demon hunters...and she is next in line to receive the power. A powerful demon is aware of this, and seeks to kill her, or prevent her from receiving the power. A light-hearted romp into the demon-hunting/cute girl anime stereotype. The 2nd part gives Yohko an apprentice named Azusa and is even sillier than the 1st part. Part 3 is about a man Yohko falls in love her dreams.

Very silly borderline hentai antics, plenty of gratuitous breast shots, and demons galore make up this pretty cool 6-part series. A good mix of comedy and action make it worth renting, or even buying if you have a lot of money =) Kind of like Cutey Honey, only with more of a plot and character development (or should I say, it actually HAS plot and character development.)

Available subtitled through ADVision.

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