Sakura Diaries

(Sakura Tsuushin)
Sakura Diaries

Rating: 3#&189; Rampages Urara poses

This anime is about a country boy named Inaba Touma, who's hoping to get into a university in Tokyo. First, however, he's got to score well on the entrance exams. Keeping his mind on studying is difficult, though, because he meets a beautiful girl named Mieko who is also getting ready for college. Trying to win her heart leaves no time for studying. To complicate things even further, in order to stay in Tokyo for the exams, he has to room with a pretty girl named Urara. And this girl has made it clear that she intends to win HIS heart. Full of comedy, romance, and all that good stuff ^_^

Urara poses Review:
This is one of those shows that gets so close to being a hentai, yet manages to have an interesting story going for it, thereby keeping it int the love drama category...we need more of these. ^_^ Most of the characters are rather fun to watch, except for the hero, who is a total jerk (typical anime guy, may be smart, but in matters of love he can't see the forest for the trees) and is rather difficult to get to like. Urara, on the other hand, is a great deal of fun to watch, and is WAY more likeable than that tight-assed jerk she's in love with. The story itself is pretty simple and standard for a love drama, it's just delievered in a more down to earth and adult fashion. One thing that is nice to see is the guy agonizing over who to be with for once...Urara knows what she wants and goes after it with a remarkable amount of determination (especially for a young Japanese girl). The openingand closing songs are completely bland, and don't even have any lyrics, so you'll probably be fast-forwarding through them. The BGM is also rather uninteresting, but the animation is nice and slick (nothing fancy, but it works for the material).

As I said, it's the characters that did it for me, including the support ones like Touma's fellow ronin students and Urara's best friend. My only real Gripe is that Touma had better shape up real fast or he's gonna hurtmy interest in the show big time...there's really nothing all that endearing about him, and we never see this side of him that Urara is in love with. While he does amuse us with his Kintaro-esque fantasies, he's still a jerk, and an underacheiving jerk at that. Overall, a very amusing Romantic comedy/drama, and one for both the guys and the girls to enjoy. Sweet, silly and ecchi fun for anyone with a sense of humor and a romantic heart. Recommended.

Will be released by ADVision starting April 2000.