Di Gi Charat

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Once upon a time 2 chibi aliens (and a strange ball creature named Gema) made a crash landing on the Planet Earth. Scared and alone the two young aliens (Di Gi and Petit) were approached by a blue finger-like man, who offered them a job in his store. The two Charat's are then joined by a third named Usada (who also starts working at the store). The 2 Charats cross paths with many more fingers, a pair of obsessed otaku, an actor, a shy young boy, and a strange bear that mysteriously appears at the store.

Review: Charat, Puchiko, Rabi-en-Rose...and those freaky finger people.
This...I...Words just fail me when trying to describe this show...YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN THIS INSANITY! Absolutely NOTHING in these tiny 5 minute shows make any sense whatsoever...and it's only saving grace is that it doesn't TRY to make any sense. This wacky show serves only one purpose, to screw your brain up in tiny five minute animated non-sequiters (here's an idea, watch a bunch of anime shows and intersperse some of these episodes in-between...it doesn't matter what you're watching, these will be rather stunning non-sequiters), which it does and does quite well. There is not plot (at least none that lasts for more than 30 seconds) just plain silliness for 5 minutes, and then the credits roll. This is what D4 princess really should have been, and it's only slightly less entertaining than SD Ah! My Goddess (more insanity, less cuteness). Unfortunately, this sort of chaotic silliness does not appeal to everyone, so those of you who get turned off by nonsensical wackiness need not apply...everybody else, turn your brains off for a few minutes and enjoy. A nice light snack.

Only available fansubbed at the moment. You can download the 3-minute eps at Anime Asylum.

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