The Dirty Pair

Project Eden

Rating: 3 Rampages

Lovely Angel Yuri Synopsis:
In 2141 A.D., galactic travel is possible only through the use of warp engines made of the rare, extremely valuable metal vizorium, which comes from the planet Agerna. Agerna is involved in a power struggle between two rival nations for control of this precious natural resource. The leaders of Edia and Uldas both lay claim to the vizorium, and the rivalry has created a booming black market for the metal. When a major vizorium refinery is destroyed, the stage is set for all out war. This brings Kei and Yuri (Their code name is Lovely Angels, but their penchant for rampant destruction gave them the nickname "The Dirty Pair"...but don't call them that to their face!) onto the scene. These top agents of WWWA stumble upon a deranged biochemical genius, Professor Wattsmann, who believes life is lurking inside the atomic structure of vizorium. If he has his way, he will bring this new lifeform into existence. This geological Dr. Frankenstein meets his match in the Dirty Pair, and before the final credits roll, the girls treat Agerna to their own personal brand of 'planetary makeover.' Lovely Angel Kei

Hrm. This was a let down. I'd heard people raving about Dirty Pair and Project Eden specifically, and being a series I'd never watched, I decided it was high time I did (I'd just never gotten around to it.) Well, I've since seen the first few OVAs and this one was good...but bugged me. Why the hell was Kei, miss Badass, suddenly turning into a lovesick schoolgirl over Carson? Also, though it bugged my sister far more, the final fight consisting of slow-mo was inappropriate. Aside from those small gripes, this is a pretty good movie, but far from the best of Dirty Pair. I'd suggest watching the other OVAs like Flight 005, or wait for the original series to be brought out by ADV. Fairly recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: I wasn’t all that impressed with this one. The art and animation, although dated, aren’t too bad, but the story is rather convoluted at points and really tends to drag -- the entire last third of the movie is action scenes done in slow-motion to rock music; slow-mo should be reserved for key dramatic events, not the entire fight! I personally found the portrayal of the girls’ characters rather annoying; they’re competent enough, if ditzy, on their own, but when they’re teamed up with a guy they’re hopeless in comparison to him...and, of COURSE, one of them falls in love with him. Feh.

Project Eden and others were originally released by the now-defunct Streamline Pictures. Currently being re-released by ADVision as 'Original Dirty Pair'.

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Dirty Pair Flash

Rating: 3 Rampages

The Lovely Angels 2.0 Synopsis:
Look out universe! When the galaxy-wide World Welfare & Works Agency unleashes the infamous Dirty Pair, it's every sentient being for itself! From the best-selling novels by Haruhiko Takachiho comes the apocalyptic saga of two young women destined to go down in history as the most destructive force known to man. Meet Kei and Yuri, two junior level agents with a proclivity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with just enough firepower to blow their way out of a bad situation into something worse. It all starts when Yuri is playing hooky from work and a dying man gives her a secret computer card. Can the Lovely Angels evade an army of henchmen, run a police gauntlet and unlock the secrets encoded on the card in time to save the universe? Or will they just level all the real estate in their path?

The answer? They'll evade the army of henchmen, unlock the secrets of the card, AND level all the real estate in their path. Why? Cause they're the Dirty Pair, why else? I've heard a lot of people complain about this version of the Dirty Pair, but frankly I don't see what they're so riled about. While Yuri's voice is a little more cutesy than I would like, I enjoyed this series every bit as much as the original. So the character designs are different, who cares? The animation is much better, the music is fun and catchy, and the story keeps you interested from episode to episode (but you all know what I watch this show for ^_^). Kei and Yuri are a little more adversarial than in the original series, but I think that makes for some rather fun scenes. The personalities of the girls haven't really changed that much overall, and the story hooks are just the same things you'd expect from the old series. It's kind of hard to recommend this series to some people, as there are fans of the original who absolutely despise Flash. If you like to watch kawaii girls cause mass destruction and aren't an avid fan of the old Dirty Pair, check this show out. And if you are a fan of the old Dirty Pair, check it out might be surprised.

Available dubbed or subbed from AD Vision.