SCENE #001: Our travesty begins

Narrator: “We begin in Chaos’ bedroom. It’s morning, and the sunlight is streaming through his window. Chaos, however, has yet to rise and shine from his tangle of flathead panda bedsheets.”

Chaos: [mumbling] “Gyaaaaaaa…note to self: never eat cabbit fondu and chocolate covered Bugrom ever again. Kuso…it’s too early to be up on a Saturday. I think I’ll just lay here with my SD Chaos-chan plushie and drift peacefully back to subtitled sleep.”

Narrator: “Suddenly, there is a knock at the door…followed immediately by the door being knocked down.”

Chaos: --;; “Oh no.”

Hysteria: [glomp!] “Ohayo gozaimasu, Chaos-poppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Chaos: “Hysteria, do you know what time it is?”

Hysteria: “According to Chaos-momma’s kawaii little clock-chan—“

Chaos: “Why must you persist in calling me Chaos-momma?”

Hysteria: “Because it’s such a kawaii little name-chan for Hysteria to call her Chaos-momma!”

Chaos: “I’m thrilled. Now can you take your kawaii little butt-chan and get out of my room so I can get back to sleep?”

Hysteria: [giggle!] “Aw, is Chaos-poppa a little grumpy today? Well Hysteria knows how to make him rise and shine-chan: a kawaii little teaparty-chan in Hysteria’s room! And she’s got the perfect kawaii little frilly apron-chan for him to wear! Wai wai wai! Tea party-chaaaaaaan!”

Chaos: [eyebrow twith!] “Ano ne….”

Narrator: “Hysteria is annoying Chaos. Should he…A) Ignore her & go back to sleep… B) Get out of bed & pry her off, or … C) Kill her?”

          A) IGNORE
          B) GET OUT OF BED
          C) KILL