SCENE #002: I’m not a baka, I’m just ignoring you

Chaos: “Maybe if I close my eyes and pretend I’m Hyatt, she’ll just go away.”

Hysteria: “Ano…Chaos-poppa? Chaos-poppa? Wah! Chaos-momma isn’t listening to Hysteria! Maybe Chaos-poppa’s dead!!”

Chaos: “No, I’m just asleep. Go away.”

Hysteria: “Chaos-momma talks to Hysteria in her sleep?”

Chaos: “Yes. No go find some other victim to plague with your kawaii tea party-chan.”

Hysteria: “Wai wai! Hmm…Chaos-poppa seems more coherent when he’s asleep. Now, who can Hysteria get to wear this kawaii frilly apron-chan?”

Chaos: “*coughPESTI-CHANcough!*”

Hysteria: ^-^ “Hai Hysteria can go get Nakago to wear her kawaii frilly apron-chan! Oh, Nakago-chaaaaaaaaaan…!”

Narrator: “Hysteria happily skips through the tattered remains of Chaos’ door, and back out through the wall scroll.”

Chaos: “Ah, safe from her frightening uber-kawaii fashions. Now all I have to do is roll over and drift back off to sleep…dammit! Dealing with her’s gotten me too wired to sleep again!”

Narrator: “And so Chaos decides to greet the morning with a flying octopus to the face--“

          [Cue the flying beanie octopus clocking Chaos in the face!]

Chaos: “Ow!!”

Narrator: “—followed immediately by putting on his Tamahome Hilfiger pants and a ‘I can’t believe it’s not fansubbed’ t-shirt. Ready to greet the day, and if needs be flee from it in terror, Chaos steps out into the apartment’s living room.”

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