SCENE #003: You know, if you sprinkle a little salt on her, she’ll fall off

Chaos: “Hysteria, do you mind? I’d like to actually get up and get dressed here.”

Hysteria: “You mean Chaos-momma is going to attend Hysteria’s kawaii little tea party-chan? Wai! Hysteria’s so happy!”

          [Hysteria glomps Chaos!]

Chaos: o.O; “Ack! Hysteria, you’re crushing my liver!!”

Hysteria: “Wah, Chaos-poppa’s liver is hurting. This sounds like a kawaii little case-chan for the kawaii little mystery nurse of love an justice-chan!”

Narrator: “Before anyone could stop her, Hysteria pulled out her henshin and performed a nekkid, magical girl transformation scene!”

Chaos: >.< “My eyes! It’s too early in the morning for my eyes to be burning like this!!”

Hysteria: “Ta-daa! Kawaii little senshi-chan, Sailor Chibi-Haley-chan, is here to help with Chaos-poppa’s sore little liver-chan…by giving him an Angel Aid Bomb Beam-chan!”

Chaos: “Um….Hysteria? That’s not a healing spell, that’s an actual final attack! KYAAAA!!”

Narrator: “At the risk of stating the obvious, Hysteria managed to blow Chaos right out of bed…and in fact right out of his wall scroll.”

Hysteria: ^^;; “Um…oops-chan?”

Narrator: “Yes, that does come to mind…if only you had one.”

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