SCENE #004: What every reader has always wanted to see….

Chaos: “Okay, that’s it! I’ve had to suffer through your stupid kawaii-ness long enough, Hysteria! What you need is a good killing!”

Hysteria: ^-^ “Wai! Kill-chan kill-chan kill—(o.O;) Hey, wait a kawaii little minute-chan!”

Chaos: “Prepare for Chaos-fu!”

Narrator: “Suddenly, a large bathtub crashes through the ceiling of Chaos’ room and lands right on top of Hysteria, crushing her instantly!”

Chaos: “Ha, that showed her. Wake me up for some kawaii little tea party-chan, will she?”

Hysteria: “Wai! Chaos-momma loved Hysteria’s idea so much, he rewarded her with a kawaii little tub-chan so she can throw a kawaii little Jacuzzi party-chan!”

Chaos: [erk!] “What, you’re still alive?!”

Hysteria: “Wai!”

Chaos: “Hm, this calls for ridiculously destructive measures.”

Narrator: “Chaos proceeded to grab the vase resting on his table…which actually turned out to be a Cosmo Dragoon.”

Chaos: “Hmmmm…this gun seems to have only one kill setting: planetary. Oh well.”

Narrator: “Before Hysteria knew what hit her, Chaos pulled the trigger and unleashed an exorbitant amount of fire power which bankrupted the entire FX budget for this fic!!”

Hysteria: “Kyaaaaaa-chan!”

Chaos: “There, and that about settles that.”

Narrator: “But out from the smouldering remains of his dimensional pocket emerged--!”

Hysteria: “Hysteria…is not…impressed!!!”

Chaos: o.O; “How in the hell could you survive…uh-oh…”

Hysteria: “Chaos-poppa’s kawaii little ass-chan is about to get royally kicked! SHIN’NE!!”

Chaos: o.O;; “KYAAAAAAAAA!!!”

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