Narrator: “Thinking that it’s the best place to find any sort of impressive gift for Hotaru, Chaos catches the subway to the Shibuya district, famous for its large number of stores and malls.”

Chaos: “Ah, Shibuya! I’m bound to find something for Hotaru here! Wow…um, there’s a lot of stores…and I have no idea what Hotaru may be expecting for an anniversary present. If I’m to impress her tonight, I’m going to have to use my brain!”

Narrator: [sigh!] We’re going to be stuck in this scene for a while.”

Chaos: “Hush, Narrator-boy! I don’t recall asking for a running commentary! Now then, where should I go first? Let’s see…”

Narrator: “Upon looking around the street, Chaos considers which stores he should explore first. Should he try: A) a lamp store; B) a Gamerz anime merchandise store, or C) a pet store?”

          A) LAMP STORE
          B) GAMERZ
          C) PET STORE