SCENE #010: Puchuu’s Are Kawaii!!

Chaos: [teary Bambi eyes!] “K-Kawaii!!”

Puchuu bears: “Puchuu?”

Chaos: [grabbing a Puchuu] “Oh, they’re so cute I can’t help myself! I don’t know what the hell they are, but I love them anyway! I wish I could grow a whole field of those things! I just want to snuggle and cuddle and squeeze the living stuffing out of each and every one of them!”

Narrator: [as Abominable Snowman] “He will love it, he will hug it, he will squeeze it, and he will call it George…”

Chaos: “Hush! No one shall come between me and this wonderfully kawaii Puchuu bear! Ne?”

Puchuu bear: ^-^ “Puchuu!”

Narrator: “Several hours later…Chaos finally came to his senses. Though this was after the Puchuu bears knocked him out with a mallet when he wasn’t looking, stole his wallet and pants, spent all his money at a Pachinko parlour and used his credit cards to rent a deluxe karaoke booth and eight rooms at a love hotel.”

Chaos: [groggy] “Ooooh, my head! I feel like I got eaten by those giant wolves from Mononoke Hime and then was crapped off a cliff. What’s the time anyways?”

Narrator: “Upon consulting his RoleX/1999–brand wristwatch, Chaos was horrified to discover—“

Chaos: “Four-thirty?! I’ve spent the entire day playing with Puchuu bears? I should have known better than to trust something so disturbingly cute! Curse them! And where the hell did my pants go?”

Narrator: “Realising he had little time to waste if he wanted to meet Hotaru at the apartment in a half hour, Chaos raced out from the petshop and flagged down the nearest Nekobus!”

Chaos: “To the Jyban Apartment Complex for the Significant Others of Magical Girls, and to hell with stopping for any Totoro’s crossing the street!”

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