SCENE #011: Aw, a Puchuu…kill it!

Chaos: [teary Bambie eyes!] “Aw…they’re so Cy-uuuuuuuuuute!!”

Puchuu bear: ^-^ “Puchuu?”


Narrator: “Rather intent on whupping some Puchuu ass, Chaos immediately punted the nearest Puchuu right through the bars of Inu Yasha’s cage. And Inu Yasha wasted no time decapitating the Puchuu bear with his Claws of Blood. Of course, the Puchuu bears saw this as an act of war, and all ganged up on Chaos.”

Puchuu bears: “Puchuu!”

Chaos: “Cue the kung-fu brawl!”

Narrator: “What followed was an unsightly display of ridiculous Anime martial arts, which also managed to trash most of the petshop and release most of the animals from their cages. Chaos deftly avoided the Crane Kick of one Puchuu bear, while slamming his palm into the sternum of another. The Puchuu behind him executed a masterful Happaken, clapping its li’l yellow hands over Chaos’ ears to bust his brain. Unfortunately for the Puchuu bear, Chaos has no brain.”

Puchuu: ^^;; “Puchuu!”

Chaos: [bad martial arts dubjob] “Yah-ha! Foolish Puchuu, you will not be able to defeat my one-handed baka-fu for another one hundred years. I always keep my brain in my other pants!”

Narrator: “Chaos then tried to dispatch the Puchuu by flinging a Pikachu at it. The Puchuu promptly ate the Pikachu.”

Puchuu: ^-^ “Gulp! Puchuu!”

Chaos: o.O;; “So much for everyone loving a Pikachu, eh, Wufei?”

Wufei: “You’re paying for that Pokerat, fanboy!”

Chaos: --;; “……”

Narrator: “Chaos immediately grabbed the Puchuu bear and lobbed it at Wufei. The Puchuu bear subsequently ate Wufei. And there was much rejoicing.”

Puchuu bears: ^-^ “Puchuu!”

Narrator: “Yet Chaos fought on despite the hordes of Puchuu’s and is scene’s blatant disregard for physics, grabbing handfuls of Puchuu’s and dumping into the mermaid’s aquarium. Whereupon she messily devoured the Puchuu’s like sticks of chocolate Pocky. Yet just when Chaos thought he had destroyed them all, one popped up…”

Puchuu bear: ^-^ “Puchuu?”

Chaos: “What are you grinning at?”

          [The Puchuu jumps onto Chaos’ face.]

Chaos: “Kyaaaaa! My face! My beautiful bishie face!”

Narrator: “Fighting to keep conscious, Chaos spotted Helios standing near the counter. Seizing the chance, he whirled around and then impaled the Puchuu on the Helios’ horn!”
Chaos: “Shin’ne!”

          *SQUISHY NOISE*

Puchuu: >.o “I am damned unsatisfied to be killed this way!”

Chaos: [gesturing to his crotch] “Yeah! I rule! Who’s da Otaking? Who’s da Otaking?!”

Narrator: “Helios, on the other hand, failed to be impressed by having all the Puchuu goo trickle down his face, and retaliated by turning around & indignantly kicking Chaos right through the ceiling of the store…and straight across the city!”

Chaos: o.O;; “Stage Ouuuuuuuuuuuut!!”

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