SCENE #012: Choose your Chaosfic, but choose wisely

Narrator: “With only five minutes to spare, Chaos managed to race into the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him. Dark Mayhem was sitting at the living room computer, playing Shogun: Warlord Edition and owning most of Japan.”

Dark Mayhem: “Cutting it a little close aren’t you? Hotaru’s supposed to be here any minute.”

Chaos: “Don’t remind me. This is terrible, an entire day wasted! I have no present for Hotaru, and she’s going to kill me!”

Dark Mayhem: “Sounds like you really screwed the Puchiko this time, Chaos.”

Chaos: “What could I possible give her to make up for those SMAP tickets?”

Dark Mayhem: “Well, we still have that prince from the Black Moon Family tied up in the closet. Maybe Hotaru would like him as her personal servant. After all, Dimando’s a girl’s best friend.”

Chaos: [……] “I don’t think so, Newt-boy.”

Dark Mayhem: “Okay, Master Keaton, YOU think of something.”

Chaos: “Aha! I have it! I could give her a signed copy of one of my newest Chaosfics! I can dedicate it to her!”

Dark Mayhem: “Wouldn’t giving her Yakumo’s severed head be a little less traumatizing?”

Chaos: “Oh ye of little faith, Mayhem. It’s the thought that counts.”

Dark Mayhem: “But you didn’t put any thought into that.”

Chaos: “Oh…right. Does panicking for an entire day count for anything?”

Dark Mayhem: “Only if you’re a Love Hina girl named Shinobu, Chaos.”

Chaos: [???] “But I’m not.”

Dark Mayhem: “Then you’re boned, aren’t you?”

Chaos: [grrr!] “I hope the Takeda clan kicks your ass in that game.”

Dark Mayhem: “Actually, I *am* playing the Takeda’s.”

Chaos: --;; “I…I…shut up!”

Narrator: “Yet desperate to have a present ready for Hotaru’s arrival, Chaos went with giving her a signed Chaosfic dedicated to her.”

Chaos: “Let’s see, I could give her my fic: Komodo no Omocha…or else Card Captor Sakura Taisen…or else--Twisted Tales of Tokyo-3? But I didn’t write that last one! What’s it doing in with my hardcopies?”

Dark Mayhem: “It’s almost as bad as your ‘Winnie the Puchuu’ idea last week.”

Chaos: [shiver!] “Don’t mention those things, please.”

Narrator: “Just then, the doorbell rang. Trying to give the most sincere ‘Please Don’t Kill Me’ smile he could, Chaos strolled up to the door and opened it up. He was immediately glomped by Hotaru.”

Hotaru: “Konban wa, Chaos-chaaaaan!”

Chaos: “K-Konban wa, Hotaru.”

Hotaru: “Ne, do you like this dress? I spent the entire day choosing it just for tonight, because it’s such a special evening.”

Chaos: “Well, black certainly is your colour. it supposed to show that much cleavage?”

Hotaru: ;p “I had Setsuna-momma do some alterations when Haruka-poppa wasn’t looking. So what are we doing tonight? Are we going out for dinner? Or a stageplay? Or even a special karaoke booth? Have you rented a limousine for the night to drive us around? You didn’t get that psychotic driver from Initial D again, did you?”

Chaos: ^^;;; “Er, no! Not at all. In fact, I got something better than that.”

Hotaru: “Are you taking me for a blimp ride across the city in the Queen Emeraldas?”

Chaos: “Actually, I wrote a Chaosfic for you, Hotaru! Happy Anniversary!”

Narrator: “Which fanfic should Chaos show to Hotaru, in the hopes of keeping her affections: A) Komodo no Omocha; B) Card Captor Sakura Taisen, or; C) Twisted Tales of Tokyo-3.”