SCENE #013: Komodo No Omocha

Chaos: ^-^ “Here you go, Hotaru: your very own, special Chaosfic! I call it: ‘Komodo no Omocha’!”

Hotaru: “’Komodo’s Toy’?”

Chaos: “Hai! See? I replaced the Babbit with a giant, drooling lizard.”

Hotaru: “And in this scene, it’s trying to eat leopard-Hayama after he cops a feel off Sana’s chest.”

Chaos: ^^v “Don’t worry, Hayama’s too cool to get eaten. I’m pretty sure Maro-chan the squirrel survives too…I’m not too sure, I might have spilled some Pocari Sweat on that page. And wait’ll you see the Komodo Dragon dance to the Sana rap!”

Hotaru: [eyebrow twitch!] “A-Ano…”

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