SCENE #014: Card Captor Sakura Taisen

Chaos: ^-^ “Here you go, Hotaru: your very own, special Chaosfic! I call it: ‘Card Captor Sakura Taisen’!”

Hotaru: “Why is there a picture on the cover of a Clow Card called: The Imperial Floral Assault Group? And why is Iris Chateau-Briande dressed up like Sakura? And that teddy bear gives me the creeps.”

Chaos: “But do you like what I did with Kero-chan?”

Hotaru: “You…you had a demon burst out of his chest.”

Chaos: “I did? I don’t recall writing that…oh wait, that was my mistake! That’s actually a scene from another fic I’m working on. How did that get in there?”

Hotaru: “Did you actually proofread this before you printed it for me, Chaos?”

Chaos: “Twice! Why?”

Hotaru: [sigh!] “No reason.”

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