SCENE #017: The Lamp Store (or, “I guess it WAS breakable after all”)

Chaos: “Well, Hotaru really has a thing for collecting lamps. Maybe the best present would be to find her some antique lamp she can put up in her room! Oooh, I wonder if they have something with chibi-Lain patterns on the lampshade.”

Narrator: “Happily humming to himself, Chaos strolled through the front door. Inside, the store was quite bright, sporting white walls with wood trim, and lamps of every description, ranging from gooseneck desk lamps to elaborate Tiffanys.”

Chaos: “Wow, so many lamps, I don’t know where to begin! Hmmm…Hotaru might enjoy that Rococco-styled one next to her bed. And that glass chandelier would look perfect over my natto bust of Leiji Matsumoto too! Saaay, this lamp looks just like Rampage! (o.O;) Wait a minute…it IS Rampage!”

Rampage: ^-^ “CHU CHU!”


Narrator: “Naturally, Chaos freaked and raced around the store trying to pull Rampage off his arm. And she finally did come off…and then she spotted a delicious-looking desklamp, and ate it.”

Rampage: ^-^ “BURP! CHU CHU!”

Chaos: --;; “You ate the lamp? Is there nothing you won’t devour, you carnivorous green Godzilla-thingy?”

Narrator: “Just then, the owner of the lamp store walked up to Chaos.”

Mihoshi: “Ano…excuse me, Sir—“

Chaos: “M-Mihoshi? You run a lamp store?”

Mihoshi: ^^v “Hai! It’s an undercover job for the Galaxy Police, but don’t tell anyone about it since it’s supposed to be a secret. Ne, did that pet of yours just eat that desklamp?”

Chaos: “Technically, she’s my sister’s pet.”

Mihoshi: “Aw, she’s so cute! But if she’s in your care, I’m afraid that means you’ll have to pay for it.”

Chaos: “What? Okay, cough it up, Rampage! Cough it up!”

Rampage: ^-^ “CHU!”

Narrator: “After a few shakes, Rampage did indeed cough the lamp up…straight across the store, where it shattered instantly against the wall. Looking around at the shards of debris littering the floor in horror, Chaos realised one thing.”

Chaos: “Hey, these aren’t the socks I came in with.”

Narrator: “Then he noticed the rather teary-eyed look on Mihoshi’s face. Should Chaos now: A) Pay for the damages, or; B) Run like hell?”

          A) PAY UP
          B) RUN AWAY!!