SCENE #018: Chaos pays for the Lamp Store

Chaos: [sigh!] “You are so going to get turned into a throw pillow when I get home, Rampage.”

Rampage: ^-^ “CHU CHU!”

Chaos: “How much was that lamp, Mihoshi?”

Mihoshi: ^-^ “Ten thouand Yen, please!”

Chaos: “A hundred bucks? I’m just having a Darkside Blues kinda day, and it’s not even lunch time yet. Can you put this on a debit card, Mihoshi?”

Mihoshi: “Hai!”

Narrator: “Overjoyed at the first sale she’d made so far, Mihoshi jumped into the air—and knocked another lamp straight off its display. This lamp happened to smash right into the breaker box, which Mihoshi had left open by accident. All the breakers went off, and the sparks caused not only a fire, but a fierce surge of power that went through the entire electrical system.”

Mihoshi: “Ano…that’s a bad thing…isn’t it?”

Chaos: “I’d say so! Duck!”

Narrator: “Chaos dove out of the way as all the lamps in the store exploded from the high-voltage surge, bits of glass and smoking pieces of metal frames being flung in every direction. Once the smoke had finally cleared, Chaos poked his head out.”

Mihoshi: ^^;; “A-Ano…this is covered by the Galaxy Police insurance, right? Right? Waaaaah, Kiyone’s not going to like this when she comes in for the afternoon shift!”

Chaos: “I’ll just let myself out, thanks. Um…you might want a broom for all this.”

Narrrator: “With that fiasco behind him, should Chaos now go to: A) the Pet Store; B) the Gamerz store; C) The Tokyo Tower, or; D) Planet Hentai?”

          A) PET STORE
          B) GAMERZ
          C) TOKYO TOWER
          D) PLANET HENTAI