SCENE #019: Chaos flees the lamp store!

Narrator: “Not about to spend a hundred dollars on a lamp he didn’t even eat, Chaos does a very out-of-character thing, and lies like a cheap Tanuki-skin rug. Incidentally, the audience should be ashamed of itself.”

Chaos: “Okay, then you pay for the lamp.”

Narrator: ^^;; “Lying like a cheap Tanuki-skin rug, it is!”

Chaos: [pointing] “Um…look over there, Mihoshi! Ryo-Ohki’s been double-parked outside!”

Mihoshi: “What? Where? Where do you see that?”

Narrator: “And with that, Chaos made a fast break for the front door and escaped!”

Mihoshi: “I don’t see Ryo-Ohki anywhere. Where did you…how strange. Ne, where did he go?”

Rampage: ^-^ “CHU CHU!”

Mihoshi: ^-^ “Aw! Kawaiii!”

Narrator: “Safe and debt-free, Chaos departed from the lamp store and examined his increasingly thin options.”

Chaos: “Now then, that disaster averted, where to next?”

Narrator: “Should Chaos go: A) to his left down the street, or; B) to his right down the street?”

          A) RIGHT
          B) LEFT