SCENE #021: Taking a ride in the Akiocar

Narrator: “Against everybody’s better judgement, Chaos very cautiously agreed.”

Chaos: “Um…okay, you can drive me to the Asakusa district—but I’m staying in the backseat, so no funny stuff. And you had better not drive with your ass on the hood of the car again, buddy.”

Akio: “But of course. Hop on in….”

Narrator: “The next morning, Chaos groggily woke up, and made a very dark and disturbing discovery.”

Chaos: [groan!] “Oooh, what happened yesterday? All I remember was this dark highway, and…and since when did I sleep in silky sheets? And why am I not wearing a shirt…and why are my pants crumpled up on the floor?!”

Akio: ^_- “So…was the End of the Fic good for you too, my little Uke?”

Chaos: ;_; *whimper!*

          BAD ENDING #1a

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