SCENE #022: Chaos resists the evils of Akio

Chaos: “Gee, let me think: um….Hell no!”

Narrator: “Undeterred by this flat-out rejection, Akio patted the leather upholstery covering the passenger’s seat.”

Akio: “Are you sure you don’t want to? I can show you how beautiful the End of the Fic is.”

Chaos: “Go Fic yourself, Akio. This is one otaku who’s not going to be your bitch. I like the zipper on my pants right where it is, thank you!”

Narrator: “Giving Akio the one-finger salute, Chaos turned and shunned the Akiocar. However, the next morning Chaos groggily woke up, and made a very dark and disturbing discovery.”

Chaos: [groan!] “Oooh, what happened yesterday? All I remember was this dark highway, and…and since when did I sleep in silky sheets? And why am I not wearing a shirt…and why are my pants crumpled up on the floor?!”

Akio: ^_- “So…was the End of the Fic good for you too, my little Uke?”

Chaos: ;_; *whimper!*

          BAD ENDING #1b

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