SCENE #023: Gamerz Store, nyu

Narrator: “Knowing that Hotaru is an otaku—hey, who here isn’t?—Chaos heads over to Gamerz, a store famous for its 7 floors of nothing but wall-to-wall Anime and manga.”

Chaos: “Ah, gamerz! An otaku’s paradise! Nothing could possibly shatter the beauty of this haven!”

Gema: “Welcome to our store, gema!”

Chaos: --;; “Except for an annoying large floating grapefruit.”

Gema: “I am not a grapefruit, gema! I’m a Gema, gema!”

Chaos: “You’re annoying, that’s what you are, gema. Look, I’m in a bit of a rush here, so could you just float aside, gema. What the…now you’ve got me doing it, gema!”

Gema: “You want a piece of me, gema?”

Chaos: “Hey, I’m just here to shop. I’m not looking for trouble.”

Narrator: “Gema, on the other hand, had other ideas, and bounced himself off Chaos’ face.”

Gema: “Fear my L33T G3M4 skillz, gema!”

Chaos: “Okay, that’s it! Let’s go, you floating sack of [BEEP!].”

Narrator: “However, Gema had a disturbing tendency to bounce off everything, so whenever Chaos punched him, Gema just ricocheted and came right back to smack him in the head. Chaos booted Gema straight across the store, but Gema bounced off a shelf of manga and clocked Chaos in the stomach.”

Gema: “I rule, gema!”

Chaos: [grrrr!] “Uppity talking grapefruit. I’ll show you…”

Narrator: “ But then Chaos saw a garage kit model of Vegita. The next time Gema came flying towards him, Chaos grabbed Gema and impaled the yellow ball-thingy on Vegita’s pointy hair. With a loud hiss of air, Gema deflated.”

Gema: “I’m melting, gema! I’m meeeeeltiiiiing, gema. What a world, gemaaaaaa…”

Chaos: “I am so lodging a complaint with the customer service department. Okay, back to gift-hunting! Let’s see…Hotaru isn’t really into wall scrolls or figures. Maybe she’d like a plushie. Or an artbook.”

Narrator: “Chaos set out to see what Gamerz had to offer for otaku young and old alike. Happily, one of the first things he found was a Pero Pero bib, which he seriously needed after seeing a life-size resin model of Faye Valentine.”

Chaos: ^-^ “Mmmmm…Gainax Bouncalicious…”

Narrator: “With a puddle of drool left behind him, Chaos took a look at the rows upon rows of manga.”

Chaos: ^^v “Sweet! The latest issue of Hotaru’s favourite manga just arrived today! She’ll love it when she sees I bought her book 17 of Futari Ecchi. Wai!”

Gema: “Can also we interest you in a calendar, gema?”

Chaos: --;; “You respawned awfully fast.”

Gema: “I put my lips to my hole and blew, gema!”

Chaos: “I so did not need to know that.”

Narrator: “Now that Chaos had bought part of his gift for Hotaru, should he: A) Hang around Gamerz a bit more & read some manga for himself; B) go to the pet store; C) go to the lamp store; D) head to the Tokyo Tower, or; E) head to Planet Hentai?”

          B) PET STORE
          C) LAMP STORE
          D) TOKYO TOWER
          E) PLANET HENTAI