SCENE #024: Chaos hangs out at Gamerz for a while longer

Chaos: “Well, since I’m here, I might as well see what Gamerz can fanservice me with! Wai!”

Narrator: “Happily skipping from one floor to the next, Chaos explored the many wonderful treasures the store had to offer. He checked out some new manga titles.”

Chaos: o.O;; “Steel Angel Keroppe?!”

Narrator: “Boggled over some of the curious merchandise Sanrio was selling.”

Chaos: [sweatdrop!] “Hello Kitty treadmills…Hello Kitty electric guitars…Hello Kitty throw rug. Heeeeey, a do-it-yourself Hello Kitty lobotomy kit!”

Narrator: “And got terrorized by a pair of Tira & Chocolate Misu cosplayers who were working at the store.”

          [Tira & Chocolate crack their whips!]

Tira: “Call me the Queen!!”

Chocolate: “Darling must die!”

Chaos: o.O; “Kyaaaaaaa!!! Jo’o-sama jo’o-sama jo’o-sama jo’o-sama jo’o-sama!!”

Narrator: “And just as Chaos managed to hide behind a display of Full Metal Panic videos to escape his whipping, who should walk into the store but Haruka and Michiru…with Hotaru right behind them.”

Michiru: “Hime-chan, don’t take too long in here. We’ve still got to find shoes to go with your new dress.”

Hotaru: “Hai, Michiru-momma!”

Chaos: [erk!] “What the? What are they doing here?!”

Narrator: “Playing their parts in an utterly contrived plot cliche?”

Chaos: --;; “You know, this wouldn’t be happening if *someone* in the audience hadn’t chosen option ‘A’.”

Narrator: “Crybaby.”

Chaos: “Don’t make me kick down the 4th Wall and drop a cow on you, buddy!”

Narrator: “You wouldn’t dare.”

Chaos: “Oh yeah? Why not?”

Narrator: “Because Haruka is standing right behind you.”

Haruka: “Ne, what’s with all the noise?”

Chaos: o.O; “A-Ano….”

Hotaru: “Chaos-chan? What are you doing here in Gamerz? I thought you were busy getting ready for tonight.”

Chaos: “Well, I—“

Haruka: “You’re not trying to shop for Hotaru’s gift at the last second, are you?”

Michiru: “Now now, Haruka dear, I’m sure Chaos has a perfectly good reason for why he’s out browsing an Anime shop. Because if he doesn’t….”

Chaos: ^^;; “Could you ladies give me a second?”

          [Chaos turns to the narrator]

Chaos: “What should I do?!”

Narrator: “What are you looking at me for? You’re the protagonist.”

Chaos: “But you’re the narrator! You’re omniscient!”

Narrator: [sigh!] “You are more useless than a Leo in a Gundam Wing episode, you know that? Okay, in the face of Hotaru’s questioning, should Chaos: A) lie; B) tell her the truth, or; C) Shout, ‘Hey are those free cookies?’ and run?”

          A) LIE
          B) TELL THE TRUTH