SCENE #025: Chaos lies to Hotaru

Narrator: “Knowing that the truth will only get his butt kicked, Chaos decides to do the manly thing and lie like there was no sequel OVA tomorrow!”

Hotaru: “So why are you here, Chaos?”

Chaos: “Well, you see, it all started just after breakfast, not two minutes after you called, when I accidentally switched Anthy and Utena’s minds in their bodies. So now I’m out on this epic quest for some special 1000 spiced curry in the hopes of reversing the process. But there’s these evil surfing, phantom elephants trying to stop me at every turn, so I’ve had to hide out in Gamerz for a bit until they lose track of me.”

Hotaru: [sweatdrop!] “Ano…”

Haruka: “That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

Chaos: ^^;; [aside] “Shimatta! That’s usually such a foolproof cover too.”

Narrator: “Suddenly, with a loud trumpeting noise, a herd of phantom elephants stampeded into Gamerz! Customers scattered and dove for cover in behind displays as the elephants stormed all over the place.”

Haruka: “I…I don’t believe it! Chaos was right!”

Chaos: “I was right?!”

Narrator: “Upon hearing his voice, all the phantom elephants turned and charged right towards Chaos!”

Hotaru: “Chaos-chan, look out!”

Narrator: “Yet before Chaos could get out of the way, the elephants stomped all over him. Then one elephant sucked him right into its trunk, and hocked poor Chaos straight across Tokyo like some self-inserted loogie!”

Chaos: ;_; “Waaaaaaah! I don’t wanna be riiiiiiight!”

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