SCENE #026: “Hey, are those free cookies?”

Narrator: “I can’t believe the fans actually voted for something like this. Oh well. Reacting quickly, Chaos did the first thing that came to his mind!”

Chaos: [standing up & dramatically pointing elsewhere!] “Hey, are those free cookies over there?!”

Hotaru: [looking away] “Hm? Where?”

Haruka: “I wonder if they’re lesbian-flavoured.”

Michiru: “Haruka, the ingredients in those ones will go right to your waist, and I don’t want any love handles on you in bed.”

Haruka: ^^;; “H-Hai, Michiru….”

Narrator: “With the three Outer Senshi looking the other way, Chaos made a fast break for the exit!”

Chaos: “Ha ha! Chaos out!”

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