SCENE #027: Chaos tells the truth…and the truth hurts

Narrator: “Realising that honesty is the best policy, and that somehow love will triumph over any misunderstandings and possible smitings he might receive, Chaos decided that he should admit the truth to Hotaru.”

Chaos: [deep breath] “Ne, Hotaru-chan…there’s something I have to tell you. You may not like it, but better you hear it from me rather than from some wayward ninja you see on the street.”

Hotaru: [worried] “Chaos-chan?”

Chaos: ^^;; “Well, the fact is that…today’s our anniversary, of course! And I want it to be extra special for you tonight.”

Hotaru: “And I know you will make it a night to never forget, Chaos-chan.”

Chaos: ^^;;;;; “Exactly! That’s why I had nabbed these special tickets, only—“

Hotaru: [excited!] “Tickets? We’re going to see a show?”

Chaos: ^^;;;;;;;; “Well, that was the idea. There’s just this little snag.”

Hotaru: [not listening] “Wai! We’re going to see a show! I hope my dress is formal enough for it, though.”

Chaos: ^^;;;;;;;;;;; “Um, but you see, Hotaru, this unexpected problem came up—“

Narrator: “However, Hotaru was too excited to be appealed to. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Chaos suddenly felt a shiver run down his spine as an ominous shadow loomed behind him.”

Chaos: o.O; “Baka sense…tingling.”

Narrator: “Trembling, he turned around, only to gaze in horror upon--!”

Chaos: “Naoko Takeuchi?!”

Naoko: [coldly] “Hello, Chaos.”

Narrator: “Yes, the illustrious creator of Sailormoon herself had decided to grace this fic with a cameo. However, it didn’t look like she was thrilled to be there.”

Chaos: [trying not to panic] “So…what brings a radiant manga artist like you to our humble Con reading, Naoko-sama?”

Naoko: “I wish I could say it was because of sexy Steve Bennet, however…I see you’ve gone and botched things up yet again, Chaos. And what’s more, you’re about to ruin an important day for one of my precious characters too!”

Chaos: “Look, if this is about that thing where we tarred and feathered Chibiusa, I can explain.“

Naoko: “I’m talking about Hotaru, you idiot. She is more excited about tonight than you could ever know, and here you are about to disappoint her and destroy everything. Have you no sense of responsibility and honour? Do you want to see my Hotaru-chan cry?”

Chaos: [resigned] “There’s no way to get out of this without you smiting me, is there?”

Naoko: [taking out an inflatable mallet] “Your odds look pretty bleak right now, yes.”

Narrator: “A 1000t mallet smite looms before Chaos! Should he: A)—“

Chaos: “Wet myself?”

Narrator: “Um…that’s not an option, Chaos.”

Chaos: “Oh…what if I already--?”

Narrator: “I don’t want to hear it! Should Chaos: A) perform the Asaba Sexy dance to placate Naoko’s anger; B) flee in terror, or; C) blame the narrator?”

          B) FLEE IN TERROR