SCENE #028: Cue the Asaba Sexy Dance!

Chaos: “Now, Naoko, before you smite me, perhaps you should take a look at—“

          [Chaos stands up & tears off his shirt!]

Chaos: “The Asaba Sexy Dance!!”

          [Chaos begins to perform the ASD for Naoko]

Chaos: “Ooh yeah! Gaze upon this butt! See the glory of this unrivalled neko-tail! The Sexy Dance solves all!”

Narrator: “However, Naoko didn’t see things that way, and sent him straight through the ceiling and across town with one swing of her mallet.”

          [Naoko clobbers Chaos with the inflatable mallet!]

Chaos: “Kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Naoko: “You are no Asaba. Besides, we all know the sexiest butt in Anime belongs to Captain Harlock.”

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