SCENE #030: When in doubt…blame the narrator!

Narrator: “Blame the narrator? What the hell kinda choice is that?”

Chaos: “Well, technically speaking, you did get me into this mess.”

Narrator: “What do you mean I got you into this mess, Chaos? Was I the one who chose all these options for you? No!”

Chaos: “Well, you’re the one who gave them the options that led to this in the first place, so you still have to take partial responsibility for your mess.”

Naoko: “Can I say something here?”

Narrator: “All I ask is for a little bonus pay, and being able to read my lines in peace. Is that too much?”

Chaos: “Oh, whine whine whine! What about my needs here? I’m the one getting my cute little butt kicked every time *you* have a scene to narrate! I don’t see you sharing any of the responsibility or pain here.”

Naoko: --;; “Are you even listening to me?”

Narrator: [sigh!] “Chaos, I’m an indifferent 3rd party, not a character. I didn’t write the script, I’m just narrating it.”

Chaos: “Oh, a likely story! Piiiiiida!”

Naoko: “Moshi moshi? Hello, Sailormoon creator here?”

Narrator: “One more ridiculous line from you, Chaos, and you can consider yourself pummelled!”

Chaos: “Oh yeah, you and what army?”

Narrator: “How about Naoko Takeuchi, who hauls out her mallet and smites you all the way to Planet Hentai!!”

Chaos: o.O;; “You wouldn’t dare!”

Naoko: [sweatdrop!] “Um….”

Narrator: [gesturing to Chaos] “Well, go on. It’s in the script.”

          [Naoko pulls out an inflatable mallet & clobbers Chaos with it!]

Chaos: x.x “Stage out!!”

Naoko: [sigh!] “Fanboys.”

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