SCENE #032: The gift that…er, keeps on giving

Narrator: “Figuring that if he couldn’t locate Havoc, Chaos hit the gift shop in the hopes it might provide him with some ideas or items to buy. The gift shop turned out to be a two-floored promenade, complete with escalators, banners hanging from the ceiling, shelves upon shelves of various Planet Hentai pervaphernalia, and a Starbuck-Nekkid Coffee chain built right in.”

Chaos: “Wow, I didn’t realise Havoc had his own brand of coffee. And are they using panties for coffee filters? And what on earth is a Miwohochino?”

Narrator: “Let’s not go there, Chaos. Young otaku are listening.”

Chaos: “Hmmm…this place has a lot of interesting shirts. Look at this one: ‘Naughty tentacles attacked the womens’ locker room at my Private Junior College, and all I got was this lousy Tshirt.’ Japan has private junior colleges?”

Narrator: “Yep, they’re called high schools.”

Chaos: “Hey, a bunnygirl leotard! And a Delmo uniform. For some strange reason I can’t help but think I’ve seen the Delmo thing before….”

Narrator: “Anyhoo, Chaos continued to search the giftshop, but found nothing that he either liked or knew would not get him smited.”

Chaos: “What about a tin of lesbian-flavoured cookies? Or maybe this harmless teddy bear…who’s anatomically correct?!”

Narrator: “Hey, nothing that small should realistically have such a long—“

Chaos: >.< “Let’s not go there. *Sigh!* Well, it looks like this was a bust.”


Chaos: “Um…I wasn’t talking about you Naga—though that is an impressive bust. I’m getting nothing here. Maybe I should try for the Tokyo Tower instead. There’s got to be something there for me to exploit, even if it means stealing that sacred sword from Fuma after Kamui decapitates him.”

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