SCENE #033: the Benkyo Booth

Chaos: “Well, the Benkyo Brigade are Havoc’s closest personal friends and pervs, maybe they’d know where Havoc vanished to.”

Narrator: “Chaos walked over to Havoc’s private booth, where the male and female members of Havoc’s elite fanservice force, the Benkyo Brigade, were all relaxing during the Planet’s off-hours. Pretty much the only person at the booth was Jyako Amano, the butt-kicking half-Beast from the legendary hentai, Urotsuki Doji.”

Chaos: “Hey, Jyako.”

Jyako: “Well I’ll be damned! How’s it going, Chaos? Say, aren’t you usually wearing a dress?”

Chaos: [shrug] “Not today. Have to do a lot of running around, and the best shoes to go with my dresses are all pumps or stilettos. Say, you haven’t seen Havoc anywhere, have you? I’m trying to get a present for my girlfriend, Hotaru, and was hoping he might have some suggestions for me.”

Jyako: “Havoc? Hmmm…can’t say that I have. It’s been pretty quiet here to begin with. Most of the Benyko Brigade are out on assignments or panty-raids. So far, it’s just me and Kintaro.”

Chaos: “Kintaro Oe, from Goldenboy? Where?”

Jyako: “Oh, he’s somewhere behind that stack of papers and file folders on the other side of the booth.”

Kintaro: [sigh!] “Benkyooooooo….”

Jyako: “As you can imagine, doing all the administrative paperwork and filing for the Planet is really tiring him out. You wouldn’t believe how many idiots try to apply for an elite perving status every night. It’s starting to take its toll on poor Kintaro. To help him relax, Mai Shiranui’s giving him a back massage.”

Chaos: “I can see that…but with her breasts?!”

Jyako: “And that’s a problem how?”

Chaos: [……] “Point. Anyhoo, do either of you know where Havoc might be?”

Jyako: “No idea myself. He could be in one of the nyotaimori rooms. He might actually be out patrolling the city for fanservice. Or he might be somewhere in El Dojirado, his private meditation chambers. Hell, he just might be scouring the city for bras and Gainax Bounce—if that’s the case, you should probably just book it to the giftshop, since he may not turn up. Sorry we can’t be any more help.”

Chaos: [sigh!] “Daijobu. Thanks anyways for the suggestions. At least this gives me a few places to search.”

Jyako: “If you want, you can check with my sister Megumi. She’s in the Hentorium right now.”

Chaos: “NO! Er…I mean, no thanks, I’ll pass on that.”

Narrator: “Should Chaos: A) leave Planet Hentai and search for Hotaru’s present elsewhere, or; B) stop by the giftshop in case he finds something?”

          A) LEAVE
          B) GIFT SHOP